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Kano launches first Centre for Covidiocy and Intervirus Relations

It will be recalled that the state’s youth had earlier made a call to the Kano government to create a safe space for covidiots in Nigeria. They even went on to make online protests through videos where they washed their hands into bowls and drank the water to show their allegiance to covidiocy. The state government, as one that listens to its people and makes sure to satisfy their needs in every way and manner, finally decided to grant this special request.

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Deaths in the city: What’s gwan inna this our Kano?

When COVID-19 stepped on the much-chronicled city of Kano, inhabitants treated it like any other Chinese export or visitor. A troupe of traditional singers and dancers was sent to welcome it amidst jubilation and fanfare. No kobo was spent from the state’s coffers; they have Gandollar’s dollars to thank for that. A novelty football game tagged “Corona Match” was held in honour of the guest of honour. There, Social-Distancing and Stay-Home orders were defiled before, during, and after the game.

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Satire 0-1 News: Kano’s tricycles, Lagos’ mistakenly electrocuted prisoners, and other stories

Facts are oftentimes stranger than fiction just as news is oftentimes more hilarious than satire. We live in a world (or country?) where journalists have, without intending it, become greater comedians than professional humorists. Don’t believe us? Keep reading.

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Ganduje monopolises corruption in Kano, brags of PhD in Pocketing Dollars

“Let me state clearly without any equivocation that anyone of you who engages in corrupt practices will be thrown out of office. There can’t be two kings in a kingdom. I have made frantic efforts to reach the zenith in corrupt and shady dealings; particularly, in pocketing dollars. Therefore, I urge you all to accord me the exclusive right as the Sarkin Dollars of Nigeria,” he said.

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INVESTIGATION: How APC, PDP “rent crowd” to fill up campaign venues

The huge turnout of crowd in the recent campaigns by Nigeria’s major political parties is part of the deal struck with a mobilization company, this newspaper can authoritatively report. Disguising like a potential client for weeks, Trisha Mainama, the spokesperson of People Mobilization Limited, a mobilization company renowned for “renting…

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How Kano will deliver 5 million votes to Buhari — Ganduje

Kano — Perhaps to shut the moving lips of doubters and members of the opposition party, the governor of Kano state, Abdullahi Ganduje, has revealed how he will deliver 5 million votes from Kano to President Muhammadu Buhari come February 16. “We have done it before; we will do it again,”…

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The plan was to invite Nigerian, not Nigerien, governors — aide

The senior official, who pleaded for his identity not to be disclosed for fear of “being fed to the EFCC like Babachir for political gains”, said the official explanation that they came to understudy President Muhammadu Buhari’s style was mere damage control.

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‘How would students come for our rallies if we called off ASUU strike?’ Buhari asks

“So we urge members of ASUU to be patient with us; and also our l-l-aa- …., sorry, hardworking youth. If we still have enough money left in the treasury after the campaigns, we will definitely give priority to the schools.”

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