Are you great at writing satires? Or not so much, but you want to practise constantly and improve. On top of that, you would also like to join a growing online community of creative and young columnists within the space? Then you have come to the right place, our friend.

You don’t need no party ticket or even a permanent voter’s card to become a punocrat. All you need is to be funny, punny, and feel some level of obligation to the society (put differently, deep-seated disgust towards the society’s ills, both obvious and subtle).

Also, as a registered columnist, you become part of the family and can contribute from the inside on how Punocracy is run. Fun, right?

To join us as a columnist, simply send an email to (cc: with the subject, “I want to be a Punocrat“. Be kind to include your full name, the preferred name of your column, an attachment of two relevant works, and a biography of not less than 100 words.

Your account will be live as soon as we approve your application. And voila! We all write happily ever after.

At the moment though, we are more predisposed to accepting Guest Contributions, which you may send to the provided addresses as well. As you do so, please indicate if you want to use a pen name or your actual identity. If the latter is the case, you may include in your submission your picture, social media handles (preferably Twitter), and a (really) short bio of yourself. We normally respond to mails within two to three days.

We are looking for two things and two things alone in your submissions: Satiricality and Grammaticality.

Kindly note that Punocracy reserves the right to edit your submission, including your title, to make it, by our reckoning, more suitable for publication.