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M.D. Tiamiyu finally got on the int’l stage and boy, did he perform

By: Yusuf Adua “I have dreamt of this moment for a long time. To trend. A day when my little galloway will command lions, elephants, and ravenous tigers to pave the way,” M.D. fantasised the night before the controversial interview. He had a date with his girlfriend, an agreed meet…

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The story of Masaka’s two electricity supply lines

Phase Eleven is generous to a fault like politicians during campaigns itchy for the people’s votes. The staff rarely harass or trouble its consumers for light bills and it is certain that there would be electricity during festive periods. Periodically, they supply ‘apology light’, which is to say they leave the electricity on for hours and hours until we begin to grumble.

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5 guys you should never fall for as a smart Nigerian university chic

Is it not just food? Is there anything wrong with giving food to someone you like and care about? My dear sisi ekos, there’s nothing wrong o, ko si wahala kan kan. All I’m saying is that to an Alajeun, you aren’t just being nice and caring to the boy you like. You’re his meal ticket, he is very much aware of whatever games he is playing with you. He is only in contact because you are his food bank, your contact is probably saved as “Priscilla Bukka,” “Ada Food,”  “Zainab Canteen,” or maybe even “Olori Jeun Je Je.”

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Nigeria and the 50 shades of shege

Shege Pro Max is the baba nla of them all. The shege of all sheges. The leveller. The respecter of no man. This is when you’re in it and of it. At this point, ko si owo. Even the upper class are not exempted. Shege Pro Max is when you go from begging for urgent ₦‎10k to begging for urgent ₦‎1k to go to work because even the ₦‎1k is as scarce as live broiler chicken on Christmas day.


Chelsea’s ungratefulness and why Potter should take legal acton

I won’t lie, this development doesn’t sit well with me, and I am as angry as a wet hen. I will advise Potter to take legal action against the board and the fans. He needs to reclaim his mandate and cleanse his credibility from those ingrates. If he were a Nigerian, Barrister Wike of Rivers State could effortlessly help him; it is his forte. Ordinary putting a call through would restore his mandate.

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Five years after, Samuel’s ‘red card prophesy’ comes to pass

By: Oluwaseye Ogunsanya In the build-up to the 2019 general contest, Samuel declared that the ruling party had given him “red card” and this would pave the way for him to join any team that has an ideology worthy of being adopted by his administration.  “As for team, I have…

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Press Release: This sham of elections cannot stand!

By: Ridhwan Abdullahi Adetutu (éclat) Dear Compatriots, Relying on the sham of results so far released by the INÊC, we have cause to unequivocally state that the mandate freely and willingly given to our candidate, BABAYELE REWOSO of AAC at the polls on Saturday 25th February 2023 has been stolen.…

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