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Person of the Year Awards: Buhari, wife, Agent Fash, others win big

Many awards have been cancelled, some postponed like the Grammys, due to COVID-19. But not this. Our panelist said 2020 was a tough year for everyone, yet some Nigerians distinguished themselves by standing out, so it is best to honour them this year. Where do we start? At the top,…

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Nigeria records new case of COVIDIOT, total now 11

A former presidential hopeful, Garba Adamu, has been added to the list of COVIDIOTS in the country. Mr Adamu has now joined ten others, mostly political and religious leaders, who had tested positive for COVIDIOTISM. He made this list for his infamous statement on why Nigerian leaders should be accorded…

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91 Million poor Nigerians call for being remanded by SSS to enjoy El-Zakzaky’s kind of large living

ABUJA — Nigeria’s 91.8 million poor people, the world’s highest, have sought a breakaway from their miserable condition. They have called for being kept in SSS detention like Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, the embattled leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), also known as Shi’ite. El-Zakzaky had revealed in India in…

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Vehicles, roads vow to “revolt” against lawmakers’ plan to purchase SUV

Micra, the group’s spokesperson, opened the address by explaining that the plan to revolt trails the move by the nation’s upper house to gift each one of its 109 senators N50 million worth of SUV — an amount that totals N5.550 billion, more than the 8th assembly’s N4 billion haul for the same purpose.

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How to be a student of the University of Ibadan

Hey, are you an intending student of Nigeria’s premier university? Or you’re already a student of the school? This is for you. Maybe you don’t know — or you know but you need a refresher — UI, Nigeria’s first, is Nigeria’s best. This is not my random thought. Ask Webnometics…


Review: A journey into Nigeria through Elnathan John’s Guide on Be(com)ing Nigerian

Place a mirror in front of Nigeria, and all that you would see is Be(com)ing Nigerian: A Guide. The book passes to be called Nigeria’s encyclopedia on what Nigerians do daily, all year long. Elnathan John’s blockbuster book, published by Cassava Republic, carries the fetal DNA of Nigerianness. Reading it…

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Ngige refers to witch, native doctors…spiritual healers when he said ‘Nigeria has enough doctors’

Nigeria’s Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, says his ‘Nigeria has enough doctors’ statement was taken out of context and ‘was not interpreted objectively’. The former Anambra state governor had received varying measures of backlashes for saying Nigerian doctors are free to leave the country because the country has…

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