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Nigeria records new case of COVIDIOT, total now 11

Nigeria records new case of COVIDIOT, total now 11

A former presidential hopeful, Garba Adamu, has been added to the list of COVIDIOTS in the country.

Mr Adamu has now joined ten others, mostly political and religious leaders, who had tested positive for COVIDIOTISM.

He made this list for his infamous statement on why Nigerian leaders should be accorded better privileges and recognition at the expense of ordinary citizens, because “this is capitalism”.

He made the statement following the outcry that followed neglect given to physical distancing during the internment of president Muhammadu Buhari’s former chief of staff, Abba Kyari, who died in Lagos on Friday.

Mr Adamu added that, except Nigerians work harder, the privileges and recognition political leaders get will continue  to elude them.

Research shows that the younger the former presidential hopeful is, the wiser he thinks (and vice versa).

Observers have also wondered why Mr Adamu could not understand that COVID-19, the mother virus of COVIDIOTISM, is no respecter of anyone, rich, old, poor or young.

After a barrage of reprimand from the public, with the hope that he would come to his senses, Mr Adamu has maintained his stance.

He has since been admitted to the Intensive COVIDIOTISM Unit in a clinic close to his home.

Caveat: This is a work of satire. Names or anything that has semblance with them, persons, wise or otherwise, offices, high or low, authorities, constituted or unconstituted, are as a result mixture of the author’s imagination and inspiration from Above, and any semblance of actual persons, far or near, organizations or body is the handiwork of Mr Coincidence. You have been told. Don’t say you haven’t!

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