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The road’s prayer: A Nigerian road’s supplicative commentary on the Paternoster

Every year, billions of money that the can break the jaw of a counter are allocated for my manicure and pedicure in the budget. Those monies are always too blind to locate me. The only place they know is the coffers of the same old corrupt politicians. The little that manages to locate me is usually shared with contractors who are always keen on having the lion’s share. Hence, my dreadful state!

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As healing powers take a break, famous Nigerian pastor settles for conspiracy theories

Meanwhile, it is worthy of note that conspiracy theories, according to the Encyclopedia Commonsensica, are a type of optical illusion created through the mixture of a few ounces of facts with truckloads of rubbish for the purpose of making the proponent seem way smarter than they really are.

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Prophet Gates, rape as a weapon and other matters | Tunde Asaju

All over the world, Covid-19 is granting advance tickets to showing the end of all humanity and it looks like nothing envisaged while writing wills. That blockbuster is forcing the wealthy to embrace philanthropy and the poor to seek God early.

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Coronavirus: Groups of immune Nigerians set to assemble in mosques, churches for prayer sessions

Some Muslims, obtained WhatsApp chats have revealed, also believe the virus outbreak is God’s way of punishing disbelieving nations and bad people in general. Dr Abubakr Imam Aliagan, a “renowned Islamic scholar”, has in fact encouraged Muslims to continue visiting mosques for prayers in their numbers since they are spiritually fortified against the plague.

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