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Sister Priye

Sister Priye

By: Olofu Fatima

When they come in their numbers
to offer condolences over the death of your child, you must simply tell them that it is the will of God.

When the depression starts to creep in,
you must intensify your prayers,
Because depression is not for the children of God.

When the suicidal thoughts trickle in,
You must sign up for deliverance sessions.
The devil is a liar.

When they tell you that,
They love how powerful your voice becomes when you cry during worship,
You must not tell them that it is a cry for help.

What you must do,
Is show up to church every Sunday and Wednesday,
Smile, wave and be strong.

Because you are the church,
and nobody must ever see that the god in you is dying.

This poem was originally published by the Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative, MANI.

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