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Giant Abuja broom wins Guinness World Record for ‘stupidest campaign object’

“We would normally expect that it takes decades before this record is broken in another political campaign. But, with the level of passionate competitiveness observable in Nigeria’s politics, we suppose anything really is possible. Giant squirrels, chickens, trees, and so on, we never can tell.”

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Why campaign rallies are the best thing after Agege bread

There is nothing the pot-bellied politician would not do to convince the commoner that he is part of the everyday realities. He would sing all kinds of songs, speak all kinds of tongues, pray in the name of all kinds of gods, and dance, in a most awkward manner, all kinds of moves — especially the latest in town. All this time, we the people, the spectators on these days and all others, get freely entertained.

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The plan was to invite Nigerian, not Nigerien, governors — aide

The senior official, who pleaded for his identity not to be disclosed for fear of “being fed to the EFCC like Babachir for political gains”, said the official explanation that they came to understudy President Muhammadu Buhari’s style was mere damage control.

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‘How would students come for our rallies if we called off ASUU strike?’ Buhari asks

“So we urge members of ASUU to be patient with us; and also our l-l-aa- …., sorry, hardworking youth. If we still have enough money left in the treasury after the campaigns, we will definitely give priority to the schools.”

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Honouring those who deserve some accolades in 2018

Yesterday, 2018 held sway. But as of now, the defunct 2018 has left the pitch of existence for 2019 on a high. Many personalities have made its coming and leaving worthy of remembering. These people, by the virtue of weeks of assessing their exploits in the outgone year by a…

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I played football, worked out – Obasanjo joins Endurance Contest.

Following a series of political shots being fired by Nigerian Presidential aspirants, former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Friday, August 31, 2018, at his Abeokuta residence gave a shocking addition to the boiling topic. At a gathering of select pressmen, the war veteran revealed that while he was Nigerian President, he…

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