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I played football, worked out – Obasanjo joins Endurance Contest.

I played football, worked out – Obasanjo joins Endurance Contest.

Following a series of political shots being fired by Nigerian Presidential aspirants, former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Friday, August 31, 2018, at his Abeokuta residence gave a shocking addition to the boiling topic. At a gathering of select pressmen, the war veteran revealed that while he was Nigerian President, he “played football, used the gym, and walked long distances without having to run to London.”

Obasanjo playing football on his 78th birthday

“Sometimes I would race members of my cabinet, and we found it particularly interesting as it allowed us bound. We were fit to run the nation, fit to kick balls around, and fit to carry our agbada”, the elder statesman joked.  The former President when asked if he thought former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar fit for power responded, “Many players will go to training with their peers, but only a few of them would be fit for excellence.” The light-hearted statesman didn’t leave stones unturned on defections currently happening in the political scene. “The question isn’t why they are moving from one party to the other, the major question is, are they all fit for office? Beyond their pot bellies, and car jumping stunts, how many of them have the capacity to address the Olympic needs of Nigeria?”

When asked by Punocracy reporter; Peculiar Mess if he thought he was fit for a third term, and if he would ever return to active roles in Nigerian politics, the old man responded, “Third term agenda came, but it failed to happen, and that has not taken my relevance in politics. And while I might not be seen as active in Nigerian politics these days, I accommodate Nigerian politicians at my place who would like to learn the art. At this age I cannot be fighting for attention; from the north to the south, na them dey rush us.” The engaging media briefing ended on a light note as The General thrilled journalists to a work out session.

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