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Author: The Punocrat

The only thing you need to know about me is I speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ―― well, except when writing.

The Nigerian handbook on how to get a man

Hello there. If you are reading this, you are either a desperate Nigerian woman in need of professional advice on how to secure a man or a Nigerian man who would like to understand women and why they do what they do. For those who fall under the former category, it is expected that you discard all prior knowledge you have about getting a man seeing as it didn’t get you anywhere, no offence.

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Ubuntu; I am because you are!

God dey hear, one very commendable lifestyle in Nigeria is being your neighbours’ keeper and relatives’ caregivers. It doesn’t matter if it sits well with you, you have to religiously look out for those who are fortunate enough to know you. The beauty of this is that, when Nigeria happens to you — as it is certain it would — you get a return of your gesture in multiple folds. Beyond this, however, is the Ubuntu philosophy of life in Nigeria.

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A Psalm of Covid

By: Olugbuyiro Success Chapter 19 From the African nations 1. Why do the people fear and imagine a vain thing? Why have the Chinese set themselves to cause chaos upon the earth? 2. They have taken it upon themselves to build a thousand wards hospitals in seven days. 3. Yea,…

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Becoming a Nigerian parent

The first rule on how to be a good parent in Nigeria is to marry as many men/women as possible in noble poverty. No one will question you. You don’t even need to cut your clothing according to your size. Your minimum wage monthly salary will rise, like ‘garri ijebu’, as you forcefully bring the innocent children to this earth to enjoy the ever-flourishing life in Nigeria with you.

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Dear misogynists (and the closet ones too)

It is so unfair that there is an advocacy for the equality of both genders—particularly the female gender—in all areas of life. Why should women who have long been given the highest honour of being in charge of certain important matters pertaining to the kitchen and childbearing suddenly want more from life? How dare they demand the right to be seen and treated as equals? Such an ungrateful lot!

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