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Category: Prize for Satire

Announcing the Finalists: 2022 Prize for Satire

We are excited to finally announce the finalists for the third edition of the Prize for Satire competition. After through review and evaluation of a total of 145 entries received, we longlisted 22 entrants, earlier announced. Upon further inspection and evaluation, we are glad to announce these entrants as winners…

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Writing a proper nollywood epic romance: A guide

by: Raphael Francis Prologue  In case you want to change your career, into something creative, or maybe you have had it in you for a long time, especially if you were one of those teens that appeared more often in your church drama, and you’ve always wanted to delve into…

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Why blame the man

by: Rukayat Ogunlana This man’s actions have been the series of last straws constantly breaking the camel’s back. He’s prepared just the perfect recipe for disaster in his relationship with this woman. Everything he should not do, he has done. He has flung every single word in his marriage contract…


The advanced english dictionary of Nigeria

by: Som Adedayor A ABOKI. Original meaning unknown. Every Hausa man is an aboki. ABROAD. Wonderland. All dreams come through there. ACCIDENT. Only collision involving vehicles. ACTRESS. All are sex workers. Always in messy marriages. Can never settle down with a man. AFRICANS. We are all wicked.  ALCHOLISM. Always a…

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Song of the one in Mesìọ̀gọ̀ and commentary

by: Olúwábùkúnmi Abraham Awóṣùsì And on the plains of Mesìọ̀gọ̀ the word came to me saying; He that dwelleth in the secret place of Ando Rock, shall abideth under the shadow of heavy guards. Commentary: The one who dwells in a place where he can neither see the pains of…

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Dear Elewaeji, or a masculinist manifesto on how to raise a beast

by: Joseph Peter Akpan Dear Elewaeji, Feminism is the new COVID and even your son, Uwem is not immune to it. Take a look at the men today, what do you see? They have grown extra breasts and sprouted vaginas all in the name of accepting “equality”. Can you believe…

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