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Song of the one in Mesìọ̀gọ̀ and commentary

Song of the one in Mesìọ̀gọ̀ and commentary

by: Olúwábùkúnmi Abraham Awóṣùsì

And on the plains of Mesìọ̀gọ̀ the word came to me saying;

  1. He that dwelleth in the secret place of Ando Rock, shall abideth under the shadow of heavy guards.

Commentary: The one who dwells in a place where he can neither see the pains of others but bask in the abundance of His orders shall stay sharp without shaken.

  1. He shalt say to the people of his pasture, he is the loving friend, their confidant in whom they can trust.

Commentary: The one who lives in Ando Rock, is the best friend of the people. 

  1. For he shalt deliver them to the suffocating caress of dollars, and loving stings of Euro.

Commentary: The leader will always deliver them speeches of dollars and Euros.

  1. He shalt cover them with a Hades budget and under simple expenses they shall be rich.

Commentary: The leader who loves to choke the people and they want it. He plans to make rich out of a hellish budget.

  1. The police shalt be their friends by day and SARS will be their lovers at night.

Commentary: The police and SARS (Ṣ’àlàyé Runs) will be their friend, they will pick the people if they wear any peculiar style of dressing, they will ransack them if they use any expensive bling-bling like iphone 14 because they care about the wealth of the society. They won’t like anyone taking an abundance of it.

  1. Even the Federal Road Safety Service Corps by noonday.

Commentary: Federal Road Safety Service Corps will stop them from driving, ask for their particulars and if found not guilty, they will write them a check of a sum of Naira to validate their cleanliness.

  1. A thousand Dollar shall serve one Naira, Ten thousand for Ten Naira and they shall fill up as a national cake.

Commentary: E choke, choken’t it?

  1. You shalt only see, and realize how safeth the looters are keeping it for the future.

Commentary: They are no looters, just those who love to Abachalize the money for rainy days.

  1. ‘Cos you have made him thy leader, the favoured one thy closest despot.

Commentary: Here the spirit is talking to the writer, to see the goodness in the hands of their beloved.

  1. No Sapa shalt attack you by day and plenty Garri for you by noon day.

Commentary: In the writers period, Sapa is a friendly hunger which garri can always calm, although this is only applicable for those havenots.

  1. For he shalt give the soldiers best gun to execute on the holy day of 20.10.20

Commentary: On this day, the leader will task the soldier to take out the weak for becoming strong. People are always meant to be weak, like a cute sheep.

  1. With the best Ammo they shall guard thee safe lest you die like a goat!

Commentary: Ammo guns are the best in protection.

  1. You shalt only pray when the days of evil are near. You won’t mind the cultures of thy fathers nor the ones of thine mother. They stink!

Commentary: What is culture when there’s a new wave?

  1. Because they speaketh not the language of the new. They can’t relate.

Commentary: Cultures of old can’t speak correct English. They can’t relate with Technology. It’s better if you don’t learn them and serve English with your heart, soul and might.

  1. And when thy get gaol, don’t forget to defend thyself even in the face of a cocked AK-47, for defensive is what the man in black wants to see. Just thy truth.

Commentary: Be bold like Lion. Be wise like Tortoise.

  1. For four years you shall know these and for eight you shall enjoy the joy of being a happy citizen.

Commentary: Happy are the people of Orílé 


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