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Why blame the man

Why blame the man

by: Rukayat Ogunlana

This man’s actions have been the series of last straws constantly breaking the camel’s back. He’s prepared just the perfect recipe for disaster in his relationship with this woman. Everything he should not do, he has done. He has flung every single word in his marriage contract into the wind. But really, he’s a man. Why blame him? Have you thought about the woman too? Of course, she must have pushed him outside and allowed him to see other women. A simple blindfolding task to shut the man from other women, she could not pull off. Then you come to blame the man? Rest abeg. The woman should do better to keep her man or she should rest as well, just like you. 

I mean, let’s look at it too. Why can’t we focus on other issues and the people we need to blame for those issues. There’s climate change, there’s poverty in the land, there’s drug abuse, there’s school pupils not doing their homework, there’s ASUU strike, there’s the hike in foodstuff prices. What do we do about those? Let’s focus on how we’ll eat not how men are unfaithful to their wives and disrespecting the commitment they share. What are you doing about bandits? I’m not even trying to evade the topic, it’s just that there’s no need to call a man out for infidelity, he was most likely even snatched by the other person anyway. Poor man. 

Let me explain this to you before you finish contemplating whether to stone my head or not, calm down, we are headed somewhere. Men are special creatures, they are the almighty’s beloved and they need to be treated like the kings that they are. You don’t apportion blames to a man even when the wrong he’s done is clear, you go about it tactfully. You rub his head and serve him three course meals, you dress-to-kill; that should kill whatever eye he has for any other person, you should then hunt down that person who wants to steal your beloved away from you, your poor gentle lover. How could people be so ruthless as to render your man so helpless and you, manless. You need to work against the evil forces to be honest. 

Besides, the devil is always at work. Have you considered that? Wives keep screaming at their husbands to take breaks from work but don’t you all know that it’s in those idle times that the devil comes out to shine its teeth and wink at men? You want the man to take a break but you are not ready for the devil to come knocking in the form of anything wearing a skirt or trousers even. You are not ready to keep your marriage if you let him take breaks, you are also not ready to keep your marriage if you choke him to death with your presence in the house. Wouldn’t you let him breathe? Allow the man take a break or not. Nuff said! 

Let me also let you know since you seem not to be aware that although women are weaker vessels, men are weak when it comes to issues of the groin. They automatically lose their ability to resist temptation and give in to anything that tickles their butterflies or their balls. It’s honestly not easy oo. Hmmm. Men have raging hormones, turbulent ones that overcome them and prevent them from being able to reason rationally or make disciplined decisions. Are you joking with “konji”? Come on, come off it! Only divine help can make a man decide to lower his gaze, refuse advances or be disciplined. So that’s it. I’m a good person, I thought you should know that fact about men. You are welcome.  

By the way, in this millennial/Gen Z woke society, you are waking up things you are not supposed to wake up because why are you fighting against nature and coming up with new ideals? You think nature didn’t know what it was doing when it injected polygamy into the DNA of men? Look, jokes on you because you cannot defeat nature. Nature states it, on the leaves of plants, on the stem of trees, on the skin of tigers, on the sand on the earth. It’s everywhere that a man can engage in romantic and sexual relationships with other people even when supposedly committed to someone else. Even the thunder echoes it just before every rainfall. Aren’t you paying attention to your environment and what it says? Do better please. Mind you, don’t let the wrath of the thunder come down on you by trying to have relationships with other people when committed to a man. Stay in your lane, okay? Do you want your husband to get angry? Are you trying to disrespect him? What do you take your union for? It’s now a joke to you? Do you want to anger the gods and see their red eyes? Don’t you dare have relationships with other people, they don’t matter. Your husband does and he’s your head or do you want your head to break? Face your marriage, what are you looking for exactly? Exert your energy on keeping your husband, okay? Good. 

It’s one of your duties as a strong, proper wife/girlfriend to school your husband throughout your lifetime on how to behave like a responsible adult, also remind him of how he promised to stay committed to you; he’s busy, there are a lot of things on his mind, he needs a little reminder every now and then. Do your best but don’t leave the serial cheater. He’s just a man, don’t blame him.  You know what is more practicable, let’s focus on everything else but not this man, he’s busy being the head of the house, stop stressing him. Rest! 

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1 year ago

See ehn! This is someone who understands! Every woman needs to see this, thank you jare my sister.

1 year ago

Why blame the man jare!?
Thank you. Succinctly written.

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