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Prize for Satire

They’ve come again

They’ve come again

by: Kayode Ayobami

Come, see them, six mouths in one body—

saliva in all corners like dewfall.

Bold rodent picking its teeth in the Face 

of a landlord/showing its children the way 

To the storeroom/shining bright like an ackee seed. 

The pigs are here again, asking us to 

Build them a golden pen/decorate it with 

daffodils/fix a bathtub with roses in it. 

Aren’t pigs known to befriend the dirt? 

They’ve come to ask us for these seats 

Again/of what use is their request if the

Keys to the seats are buried in their 

protruding bellies of deceit? Of what use 

Is your demand when you’ve turned these 

Seats to your families’ birthright? 

Hold your shields in your face, the rain of 

spit of their lie is coming. Mask your nose 

From their mouths that carry the sweet 

Fragrance of soakaway. The polithieves 

Have come again, flashing teeth like a 

Hungry dog. Another eight years of 

Delicious pain beckons; weightless 

promises, obese belly, sweet silence, 

Blistered and cracked soles chanting 

The defense of a greedy demi god with 

ailment that has no cure in his own land. 

They’ve come again, tales tellers. The 

Pausers of our dreams have come again 

To nail us to a cross of suffering with their 

Frailed hands and brains filled with greediness. 

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