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We are eloquent speakers

We are eloquent speakers

By: Olawunmi Olaniyi

We are speakers eloquent in speech,

We speak without restraint,

No law or social media can hold us back.

We are speakers – we boost the economy with our lines,

And clamp corruption with words from our mouth.

Who are the masses to not bow to scripted phrases from our lips?

We can choose to be the change you want today and be the voice of power to the people tomorrow.

We are speakers vast in linguistics,

Terminologies and accents will never be our problem.

We dish out manifestos on a platter,

And serve you country development by speaking it into existence.

We talk of visions, plans, policies and we make promises,

But haven’t you learned yet, that they are only empty words?

We are speakers, a word is never enough for the wise,

How about a long speech from our most eloquent? His certifications speak for themselves.

We are speakers,

There is no need to toot our horn.

Our health sector has soared so high, and our false promises as to its wing.

Who are you to call us an underdeveloped country,

Or the most uneducated?

The figures surely lie, the headcount is a hoax.

We spoke Nobel laureates into existence,

We will speak again, just to show you our educational sector is the best – top of any country.

We don’t need to work much, hard work never pays,

We can speak prophecies into our bank accounts.

We are speakers, our roads are tarred with our press statements,

English is not a problem.

We conquered other languages,

And spoke peace into the Niger Delta.

We create rallies on our social media pages,

There is no need to make it past that.

If you create a movement to upturn the Nation, it is at your peril,

Speeches will do just right for us.

We are speakers, and we will pass these talents to the next generation,

A proud legacy to hold high.

Olaniyi (commonly called Niyi), is a young graduate from the University of Benin. He studied Chemistry Education, enjoys teaching, watching chemicals react, writing and editing. In addition to this, Olaniyi also enjoys travelling, sightseeing, binge watching movies and music. Although Olaniyi isn’t chubby, he loves eating and considers food a necessity. Thankfully, he cooks too.

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