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Prize for Satire

Touch not my anointed

Touch not my anointed

By: Muhammed Bello

The anointing nullifies his sin. 

What do you anticipate from a man in the shadow 

If not to take cover?

& the righteous not only wins a soul 

But also wins their wealth with his sugarcoated mouth 

In my city, the righteous man performs bogus wonders; 

Gives the sick and vulnerable hope other than medical intervention while he rakes in cash.

Touch not my anointed neither by your word 

Or action for he doesn’t take your money for deliverance 

He rather remits it to the upper forces that guides his hands

He feeds his gathering wine and bread each Sunday; 

the blood & flesh of Christ tainted by his sin. 

bloodied hand; 

In my city, a young maiden snuffs a light 

all because she carried the evidence of his disgrace.

When the man of God is your marriage counsellor 

He deserves every taste of the holy communion 

That comes from your spouse —

The flesh. The bread. The blood. The ointment 

That oozes from beneath her thong. 

Touch not my anointed 

Because men of God are men too 

& men are mere mortal beings 

Who err. Men of God are not

royals. They are like town criers

I’m a student of Education & English language, Unilorin. I volunteer for charity as a way of giving back to the society. I currently serve as the Asst. Resource manager for TNCI Africa and I tweet @mobwords.

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