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The Nigerian hierarchy of misfortune

By: Eboseremen Bartholomew 1/10/2019 Author: Francis Galton, Zooanthropologist This is an explanatory circular for our white concerned citizens who desire to visit the country continent of Africa. Specifically, its poorest most populous tribe, Nigeria. Hello dear citizen, so you want to visit Nigeria? Why? Regardless of your motivations, we commend…

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Solution centre

By: ABAH, Abah Oyagaba IT seemed to Jerry within the three minutes of his climbing the in-between-forest mountain, with a cemented stairway and having hundreds of different categories of people clustered like pilgrims on a pedestrian journey, as though the uphill movement to ORI-OKE SOLUTION CENTRE PRAYER GROUND would be…

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Satire 101: Introduction to wife battery and assault

By: Timothy Edaki Unlike many courses in this University of Life, SAT 101 is a compulsory one for all men. It continues into second semester as SAT 201- Rudimental of wife battery and assault. It carries the highest credit load and is open to all male members of the University.…

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Brain mind

By: Ajayi Blessing Paul ACT ONE SCENE ONE: On the Road Four men are seen on stage driving a Volkswagen 1960 Model. They are pot-bellied men. Their voices are so hoarse and deep they have to clear their throats more than five times before anyone can hear them talk. They…

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Open letter to Mr. President: Let’s talk about the Muhammadu Buhari University

By: Abdurrahman Bello ONIFADE Dearest Mr. President, I am just happy writing to you. I can’t explain but I know even my happiness is happy too. Nigeria is blessed to have a president like you. Never since independence has the nation been so lucky to have a president who ‘belongs…

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