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Prize for Satire

Holy man’s hypnotic show

Holy man’s hypnotic show

By: Ogedengbe Tolulope Impact

The lord’s bishop of our cathedral

Is a disguised devil of the cross

Who carves brilliant gems of deceit

On the hearts of unwary congregants

Who seek salvation from the gate of hell.

He is a pious winebibber

Who speaks in diverse kinds of tongues

And yet claims the spirit is always at work

Every time he drinks from a flagon of wine

And get intoxicated with a hard cider.

He is a salacious baptizer

Who baptizes ladies with libidinal secretion,

An acclaimed custodian of the heavenly mysteries

Who slides through the crevice betwixt virgin’s legs

In search of the creator’s secrets in their esclitorides.

He is a deceitful gospeler

Who preaches about the doom of Sodom

Yet commits whoredom with rotten testes,

And desecrates the sacredness of our altar

With strange incense and blind sacrifices.

The lord’s bishop of our cathedral

Is a flesh-driven, pragmatic evangelist

Who parades himself as God’s own oracle

But refuses to adhere to divine ordinances

That open worshippers to spiritual realities.

Ogedengbe Tolulope Impact is a Nigerian poet. He is a chemical engineering graduate from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. His poem “Tell them” was a shortlisted poem at the 7th Korea-Nigeria poetry feast, 2017. His works have been published in Duane Poetree, pangolin review, Words Rhymes & Rhythms, Literary planet, Wax poetry and art magazine, Parousia Magazine, Sub-Saharan magazine and various anthologies including the Brigitte Poirson poetry contest, 2018 (Citadels of words). He is currently a postgraduate student at the department of petroleum engineering, university of Ibadan, Oyo State.

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