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Prize for Satire

Pray for our Yahoo brothers

Pray for our Yahoo brothers

By: Joseph Olamide Babalola

Come on! Now is not the era to sleep and change gears snoring

Not the season to watch GOT and forget our heroic panthers

Hey, now is the time to climb the sacred mountains with urgency

To fast ourselves down to the bones, tasting no suya, boli or asun

Yeah, time to bend holy knees in intercession for our noble brothers

Pray! This anti-419 war must not consume our very own

Aren’t the G-brothers the forefront promoters of our dear economy?

And who belches that they are bad traders of our reputation?

The Nigerian prince is renowned, an international ambassador of honesty

If not for their hustles, who would ever acknowledge our genius worldwide?

Pray! Brethren, fire! Plead more earthshaking gigs for them

Rebuke whatever militates against their active side-juju

Cast out every EFCC monitoring spirit assigned to their destiny

Ah, prophesy a biz of more prospects without SARS intrusion

Find holy water, spray it all over, consecrate the internet

Brethren, decree and declare divine speed in an unstoppable 7G

Speak into the foreign air for an abundance of gullibility

Command the north, south, east and west to kowtow in their powwow

Ha, may every click of their mouse yield bountiful returns

Yeh, may G-Wagons never seize to ply our ragged roads

Uhn, the one-million VVIP table for five shall accommodate even more

Heavens, open! Flood them with showers of billion dollars

Pray! This anti-419 war must not consume our very own

Father, more creative and blockbuster scams to their enviable brain

Kai, more dubious but innovative means to their glorified ends

Baba, more thick weeds, more clubbing energy, money-spending grace

Release to them the wealth of the impious heathens all over

Oh, may their account never lack nine figures any day anytime

Joseph Olamide Babalola is a writer and poet whose heartfelt love for literary creativity is unending. He loves to weld words to create beautiful masterpieces. He was shortlisted for the 2018 African Writers Award and 2018 PIN Food Poetry Contest. His pieces have appeared in 101words, BNAP Anthology and Poetica Magazine. He lives in south-western Nigeria.

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