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Macpherson Farm

By: Tekena Charles Banigo IV (A story from the lost books of George Orwell) Of all the farms whose animals had rebelled against their oppressive human owners (just as Old Major had desired for the beasts of every land and clime), few were predicted to have a future as bright…

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By: Ukange Doose Diana All line up for the ticket, Coloured to the left, Pure white to the right. Identification in hand. “Thou in black;  the dark black On the left, step back. No ticket for thee.” “But sir, here is my identity, I am an African.” “No,  thou art…

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This is Diejiria

By: Justin Clement “Welcome to Diejiria PLC! I’m Nkechi, and I’ll be showing you around!” she squeaked, shaking my arm quickly, furiously, making my entire body quiver in the process. Her grin was so wide that I honestly had to wonder if her cheeks weren’t hurting. “Thank you,” I said,…

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The Nigerian intellectual guide: 5 random principles

By: Favour Olajide Disclaimer​: Random Noun ‘A roving motion; course without definite direction; lack of rule or method; chance.’  1. As an intellectual, you need to always be armed with dozens of quotes by notable men (and women) in history. There are now mobile apps you can consult. Who knows when you…

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The lord’s prayer

By: Abraham Isaac Oluwatimilehin The structure was cramped for living and breathing space. Fumes of frankincense rose into the atmosphere, gallantly subduing the natural air and suffocating everyone and everything in their path. The legend “JEOVA SHAMA HOLYGOST FAYA CHAPULL INTANATIONA MINISTRY HERDQUOTA” was sprawled across the face of a…

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