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Prize for Satire

Where justice thrives

Where justice thrives

By: Halima Abishola Abdullahi

Keep the scribed bribe for the bench;

Let them have every penny of the meager money.

Lavish their souls with the pauper’s luxury

And you will see fairness in her glory,

For that’s where justice thrives.

Justice thrives in the lungs of the suburb,

Where bullets are exchanged for millets.

Justice thrives in the pockets of the Cabals

That feed from the mouth of famished Labourers.

Justice thrives in the Rocks of Aso,

Where hungry barbarians devour

Every grain of nourishment in our pots,

And excrete fruitful businesses in the bowel of woe.

Indeed, justice thrives in the land of

Men who failed to sail through seas

That lead to the heart of peace and tranquillity.

Justice thrives in the hands of Franchise

Where corny brains fill offices

Through stomach infrastructure and polished lies.

Justice thrives in the birthplaces of

Ngozi, Haruna, Labake and Bassey,

Where they abhor each other’s smile

With every string of flowing passion.

Indeed, justice thrives here and there;

You can see her staring at us…

Abdullahi Halima A. is a freelance writer, poet, Spoken Word artiste and keen humanitarian. Her works have been featured in a couple of anthologies, magazines journals… She wields the pen passionately and hopes to bring about positive change in society through her literary skills…

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aderinola ruqayaah
aderinola ruqayaah
4 years ago

This is really worth a read

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