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Truth to God, elections in Nigeria are more orderly than examinations

Orderly elections are not alien to us in Nigeria. We’ve seen it happen over and over again. We’re even tired of seeing it — so tired that we have a steady decline in PVC collection rates and voter turnouts in every election year. One can even assess — in advance — the level of peace by giving attention to the words of the Umbrella and Broom people. They have been exchanging words of peace with each other as the elections beckons.

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The noble efforts to give almajiris a bright future

Even if they see a ray of hope or interest in something as Haram as Makarantan Boko, a thunder of “infidel” and soothing lashes of loving whips will never touch their backs. What do you need western education for? Without it, the commissioner rose to the top. He loitered the street, begged for money from passersby, almost got ran over by cars daily, ate crumbs from the plate of strangers and, when it was time, he was handpicked from the street and was sworn in as a commissioner the next day. You don’t have to strive; striving is rebellion.

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Eat the poor to save Nigeria: My political party manifesto | David Hundeyin

In this party, we believe that it is time to stop pussyfooting and do the needful with full awareness and zero guilt. We have been feasting on the poor for decades, pretending to regard them as humans in equal stature to us while sticking forks into them. Today LCC presents another way of doing things – a way that is transparent, fair and forward-looking.

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It’s hard to impress a Nigerian, except your name is Seyi Makinde

That’s not all? You guys should wait, I’m hearing something about the Oyo State 2020 budget. HE DID WHAT? Allotted 22.3 per cent of the state budget to education alone? That’s hitting the UNESCO benchmark nah; it’s unbelievable. What is this man trying to do na? Is it that he doesn’t want a second term or what? If you end up educating the entire Oyo State in your first four years, how then do you intend to win re-election in 2023?

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UI rusticates Character, unveils plan to build Institute for ‘Budget Padding’ Studies

When asked if he thinks he could lead the institution, he interjected: Why not? “My mischievous credentials, professional qualifications in deflating gra-gra and over 30 years impertinence to due process in the academia give me an unequaled edge among my contemporaries in the corrupt world to lead the NUC,” Olayyinka said.

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An introduction to Fundamental Human Rights: the Nigerian sub-species

Just like any other progressive government in today’s world, the Nigerian government holds the subject of “human rights” to be of paramount importance. Fundamental human rights are so important they have a separate chapter dedicated to them in the constitution. But, also like many other (like-minded) nations, the country doesn’t…

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