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​Th​​e seven commandments of surviving in Nigerian politics

Politics in Nigeria is so fickle and vacillating. No one can be so sure of what comes next. One minute, the masses are singing your praises and the next moment you are struggling to get them to vote for you. This might be because of a single action or inaction which you consider insignificant but turns out to be significant enough to pull you down. So always have a backup plan.

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A Play of Two Cities: When the Nigerian President Travels

Act One, Scene One It is a sanitised clime. Here, common sense is a common commodity – used by the leaders in leading, deployed by the led in demanding for better leadership. Settling quietly at the heart of the city is the office of the President. Modest for a place…

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Buhari tricks Lagosians into endorsing second term bid with mass trekking

LAGOS (The T.A. Report) — President Muhammadu Buhari, sources have revealed, successfully tricked residents of Lagos state into endorsing him for a second term with massive trekking. He achieved this by directing Akinwunmi Ambode, the state governor, to declare a work-free day and close major roads in the state, they…

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