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Category: A Play of Two Cities

Two cities ― one of ideality, the other of absurdity ― are separated by space. But this column brings them together through for mind-provoking juxtaposition. It is, after all, a global village.

A Play of Two Cities: When the Nigerian President Travels

Act One, Scene One It is a sanitised clime. Here, common sense is a common commodity – used by the leaders in leading, deployed by the led in demanding for better leadership. Settling quietly at the heart of the city is the office of the President. Modest for a place…

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A Play of Two Cities: Nigeria’s Education System vs. The U.S.

Scene One, City One It is the 16th day of March. The year is 2018. On this day, like every other, the Sun is wearing a wide grin. The trees are fresh and radiant like never before, as though someone rubbed them with shea butter before dawn stole its way…

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