Today, minutes after news broke on the invasion of the White House by Pro-Trump supporters, the Nigerian Parosident, Sai Baba, was quick to condemn the manner in which Democracy had been held hostage in the United States.

In a statement released by his spokeman Imef Aniseda, the Nigerian Parosident was quoted as follows:

“We have been monitoring the events unfolding in the White House in the past hour, and we strongly condemn the overt attempts by President Trump to subvert the will of the people and take democracy hostage in America.

“The Nigerian government seeks to reiterate that it continues to support the American goal of a free, fair, transparent and peaceful democratic process that reflect the will of the American people.”

In related news, the Nigerian ministry of Foreign Affairs in a travel advisory issued on its website has warned citizens of the country to reconsider traveling to the United States, particularly to the Washington DC area, due to post-election violence and the imminent fear of a break down in law and order.

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