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Why J.K. Rowling couldn’t have written ‘Nigeria’

Why J.K. Rowling couldn’t have written ‘Nigeria’

​In the wake of new chart-topping episodes of the multi-award winning TV series, Nigeria, many pundits have suggested that J. K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter magical fantasy series, is a ghost writer on the Nigeria series.

In the past, there have been rumours that the award-winning Game of Thrones writer, George R.R. Martin was contributing to the Nigeria series. Earlier this year, this finger was pointed at notable Nigerian writers like Elnathan John, Lesley Nneka Arima, and the author of the fantasy book, Children of Blood and Bone, Tomi Adeyemi. But none of these writers have claimed to be contributors in part or in whole to the Nigeria series.

Despite running for 60 years, the series has gone uncredited. Nobody has claimed to be the writer, producer, or director of the show. Actors just spring up every now and then, receive their scripts, play their roles, and move on. 

One of Nigeria’s notable actors, Dino Melaye, recently disclosed that his script was delivered to him in his dream, while in detention. He acted his part without blemish and won several awards for it. Ayodele Fayose, another notable actor, said he was cast for the role in his dreams too. 

The great cinematography, direction, acting, and overall execution has led to many people looking to meet the writers and producers of the series. But as of today, our analysts can confirm that Rowling truly isn’t an author. 
Here are top 3 reasons she couldn’t have been a contributor:

1. J.K. Rowling writes fantasy and magic

The Harry Potter series focuses on a boy and his friends navigating through midlife crises, and overcoming supposedly insurmountable odds, as students in a magic school, while evading a central villain. The power of the series is premised on the potential of the young Harry Potter, and the support he gets from his magical friends. Rowling rows the boat of magical fantasy so well that almost all of Rowling’s works are in that genre. 

However, Nigeria is written under the Absurdity genre, and the Things-likely-to-never-happen theme. In the latest episode of the series, we watch as an actor passes out during performance, and comes back to life as soon as someone opens his mouth and attempts to kiss him. This isn’t something you’ll see in a Rowling work. Rowling would have had a female character wake the actor up; either with a kiss, or magical wand.

2. The characters lack development

Rowling takes time to develop characters. Even the villains in the Harry Potter series are well developed. This gives them a longevity that makes them unforgettable in the minds of fans.

In Nigeria, the characters do not have development, and only feature on and off. Although there is a poll of over 150,000,000 possible actors, only about 1% of the talents are selected to feature in the series. Despite running for 60 years, many of these characters are recurring and do not have a strong character arch. They just happen, again and again. Sometimes the viewers forget who the characters are and they get introduced with new features. And the show goes on.

This isn’t something Rowling would have overlooked.

3. Creativity is limited

Rowling’s works are tied to magic, and straying out of the path will lead to doom for the series.

But in Nigeria, under the Absurdity genre, you are allowed to do anything. You can jump off a moving truck, send soldiers to die and take their money, be a bad boss and blame everyone for your failure, fight the same type of terrorism for a decade, steal money and get extradited for an important role in another country, or just plainly, be absurd.

Rowling’s creativity when compared to the Nigeria series, is very limited. Rowling definitely couldn’t have been a contributor. She just doesn’t have the creativity, depth, experience, exposure and know-how to handle the project.

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