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UI students vow to go on hunger strike, lecture strike if increment in their fees is not rescinded

UI students vow to go on hunger strike, lecture strike if increment in their fees is not rescinded

Students of the University of Ibadan have vowed to fight back the recent increment in their fees with hunger and lecture strike. The students made this declaration to Yesterday’s Tomorrow’s Reporter, Bayode Otitokoro, in a recent congress held around the University axis.

“We have learnt our lesson. We have learnt that that protest is like a puff-puff punch on the skin of the management. This time around we won’t protest. We will go on hunger strike. We will boycott classes. By the time Jaja is flooded with malnourished patients the management will hear our moans,” a correspondent, who simply identified himself as Ola Yinka, challenged.

This reaction trails the 114% increase in the accommodation fee for residents in the undergraduate Halls of Residence as well as 186% for potential residents of Alexandra Brown Hall, UCH. While the former will now pay ₦30, 000, the latter have their price increased to ₦40, 000 – a price they paid ₦14, 000 for last session.

“From ₦14, 000 to ₦30, 000? It is unjust, callous and a sheer inconsideration to the poor Nigerian students. We shall not sit with our arms folded and watch students pay such fees through their nose. It is time to show them that enough is enough. The fees must fall,” another correspondent of ours, who insists his name should not be published, stormed.

An ongoing Facebook poll has shown that 26.1% of the students are ready to go on hunger strike. 40.6% are ready to go on lecture strike. 23.3% are ready to go on the two. While 10% don’t want wahala for themselves – they are indifferent.

Chidebere Johnson reminded Yesterday’s Today’s reporter of Pa Einstein’s advice about the folly of doing something over and over again and expecting a dissimilar result.

“Unanimously, we don’t even need to protest. Don’t apply the same method for years that has been useless and futile. Do you know hunger strike? Good. We can all do that together with lecture strike, in unison. Nobody goes to lectures. That’s just one of the many confirm and legal actions that can be taken.

“But this is where the spirit of unity is at work. As for me, being my Level Rep, I will influence my friends and classmates to join me in this campaign. And enjoin my fellow UItes to join me in this. We will not be doing it for ourselves alone; we will be doing it for generations to come.”

In our interview with parents on their take on the move, their responses agree with their wards’.

“Where do they want us to get such amount of money from? I’m a state worker whose husband died while my son [in your school] suckle. Oyo state government haven’t paid our salary for longer than I can remember now. No payment of salary not to talk of increment in salary. Yet they expect me to cope; how?” Mrs Okofu, a state government worker, queried, before going on to add, “I’m behind the students. Let them go on hunger strike. They can’t die. Were they even eating before?”

Mr Aderibigbe, a parent who is also a teacher, also lauded the move calling it a smart move. “Truth be told, they don’t need to fight. If they can carry out that plan, it will be a smart move. Should they do it, even Buhari will be forced to respond. Because as I see it many students will be out of school, especially medical students,” he concluded in a pained voice.


Caveat: Note that this piece is a fictional satire aimed purely at humour. The words above are nothing but products of a drunk writer’s imagination. We hereby refuse to accept responsibility for the results of anyone’s credulity or mischief. Do not take us serious. We repeat; do not take us serious! … But, on second thought, maybe you should do just that.

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