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Tinubu appoints special adviser on the appointment of special advisers

Tinubu appoints special adviser on the appointment of special advisers

Nigeria’s city boy president, Baller Ahmed Tinubu, has appointed a special adviser to counsel him on the previous and future appointments of special assistants and advisers, a move analysts say is long overdue.

The president’s media aide, Ariyo Ngelale, announced the appointment through a press statement released yesterday, November 17.

“Mr Femi Oduduwa will advise the president on the very important issue of where to get the right candidates for special aide roles and how many the country needs at any point,” the statement read.

The media aide said the appointment shows that the president has listening ears after having heard many complaints about his recent appointments.

“Such an office is important to ensure that subsequent appointments are made with the people’s needs and demands in mind. We should be considerate. Instead of appointing thousands of aides, for example, the president could have hundreds. We all know the problems bedevilling this country are too many to be handled by a few people.”

Mr Oduduwa is the perfect man for the job, he explained, because he has fifteen years of experience as a serial political appointee and has dedicated his life to nothing else.

“He is also versed in seeking talents into political fan clubs and associations of keyboard warriors/media propagandists, especially during election campaign periods. He will not only be advising the president on the appointments but will also be providing counsel on all the advice that comes from the other aides,” Ngelale said.

Charles Kogbodokojami, a political commentator and rights advocate, described the move as long overdue.

“One of the most critical positions in any administration is the special assistant and adviser offices because those are the people who have the president’s ears. It is important we have someone to help the president decide who to appoint into those positions,” he argued.

The T.A. Report learnt that Kogbodokojami might himself be readying to join the government once the fortune of renewed hope smiles on him.

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