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Fuel scarcity, power cut: Things that could go wrong with a SpaceX launch in Nigeria

Fuel scarcity, power cut: Things that could go wrong with a SpaceX launch in Nigeria

TWITTER (The T.A. Report) ―  Understanding full well the gifts and talents of their country, Nigerians have taken to Twitter to postulate how differently a space launch would go (or have gone) in Nigeria — if one were to ever take place that is.

SpaceX, an aerospace company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, made history on Saturday as the first commercial outfit to carry humans (in this case, NASA astronauts) into Earth’s orbit. It was also the first time in nearly a decade that humans traveled to the orbit from US soil. The spacecraft docked with the international space station the following day.

Because they could never stop comparing their country to those in the developed world, Nigerians wondered how this event could have played out if it took place in the giant of Africa.

“What would a made-in-Nigeria SpaceX launch look like?” one researcher, Trojan (@ichtrojan) asked on Twitter, titling his study ‘Nigerian SpaceX – A thread of a million things that could go wrong‘. And the responses, featuring the various characteristics of the typical Nigerian existence (from corruption to police brutality, party politics, and so on), could not have been more spot-on.

“They will probably use diesel for rocket fuel to save cost,” Trojan himself suggested. He also said the astronauts would be seen wearing spacesuits made of ankara and the mission dashboard would likely be built using WordPress.

Here are the reactions from Nigerians who, as confirmed by our expert analyst on analysing expertise, truly know their beloved country inside out:

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