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Prayer is the key, Prayer is the master key.

Prayer is the key, Prayer is the master key.

Are you a Nigerian? Are you a Christian, Muslim, traditional worshiper ati be be lo? Do you believe in the power of prayers? Do you believe in the power of your god to do magnificent wonders? Then you have come to the right place. This article is for you. Be you politician, kidnapper, fraudster, lazy Nigerian youth…; it is important that you recognise that faith in your god is an important component of your everyday life. He hears your cries, he sees your plight and surely, he will answer your prayers.

Now, as a Nigerian who worships one of the gods Nigerians pray to, when you hear reports of kidnappings on the news, first you pray to your god that it never happens to you and your loved ones, then you pray for the safe recovery of the kidnap victims with or without ranson. It does not matter that your country has a Police Force dedicated to combating crime, you; just pray to your god that he grants them his divine wisdom and guidance to enable them crack the case. Your prayers will definitely go a long way in making up for their lack of training and investigative skills which they so desperately need to investigate criminal activities in the country.

Is SARS harassing you and brutalising you as a Nigerian even though you have a justifiable means of income? Are they labeling you a fraudster because you have a laptop in your backpack? Are they threatening you with false imprisonment? Fear not, maintain your philosophical calmness and pray. Pray to your god that just like Peter in the Acts of apostles, your god will send his Angel to set you free from detention. Afterall, prayer is the key; it is the master key, and it opens every door, but only if you believe. So my brother, Praayy!

Are your countrymen being oppressed and persecuted in foreign lands? Are they being clubbed to death and their businesses looted? Pray. Are they being auctioned off as slaves? My brother, I say pray. Pray for their safety and well being, pray against every devilish spirit of xenophobia, the kind that has gripped them in the South of Africa. Never mind that your leaders are seemingly clueless, and that your President is picking his teeth while your country burns, pray. Pray that your god should imbue him with the wisdom and the understanding he needs but appears to be lacking to steer the affairs of your nation. It is no secret that his cluelessness is the work of his enemies. You know them. Those ones he democratically wrested power away from four years ago. Despite their crushing defeat at the polls, still they bedevil his government. Pray that your god confound their activities and send down his divine fire or whichever instrument of destruction he prefers; to consume them.

Pray without ceasing, but if you must cease, pray without reasoning. Because you have faith, everything will work for your good and all your problems will disappear once your take them to your god in prayer. You will not even need to lift a finger before you behold his marvelous wonder. Afterall, your god does works in mysterious ways.

In conclusion brethren, I urge you to pray. Pray in all that you do that you do not become a victim of Nigeria’s anyhowness.

Do this as often as you will, and all will be well with you.


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