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Nigeria, a safe haven for you 

If bandits could kill these ones, it doesn’t mean there is insecurity in Nigeria. Believe me. I tell you the truth. These common bandits are only trying Buhari’s patience. See, that he is long-suffering doesn’t make him a coward o! He will fight o! He will crush them all o! He still has his military uniform o!


Exclusive: The true story of how greedy capitalists killed Jesus because “he was bad for business” 

Pontius Teenubew’s small frame competes with the dust he is gathering as he completes his passionate address to the Council of the Rich, “I can’t sell wine easily, because nobody wants my wine when Jesus can turn water to wine. Mazi Jonathan can’t sell his fishes, because this Jesus can multiply them. Look at Healer Adamu, nobody wants to see him when they can wait for Jesus. If we don’t end Jesus now, he will end us!!!”