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Nigerians on Twitter share their inspiring (and realistic) cash-saving experiences

Nigerians on Twitter share their inspiring (and realistic) cash-saving experiences

TWITTER (The T.A. Report) ― A group of hard-working and smart Nigerians have taken to Twitter to share their 100 per cent true stories of saving money from little earnings.

Hoping others, especially members of the Youth Wing of the Union of Lazy Nigerians, will learn from their experiences, they also disclosed the mind-blowing things they have invested the savings in, including building houses and hospitals.

The conversation was ignited by a suspicious (but extremely honest) fellow who goes by the name Jack Robinson (@feraljack_) on the social media platform.

“How do you expect someone that earns 20/30k monthly to save with all these bills flying around? Saving is good but you can’t be saving when you’re starving na,” a lazy Nigerian youth, Mazi Olisaemeka, had written.

“I earn 19,800 monthly (for 35 years now) and I’ve managed to build 3 houses in Lagos and one in Kano. Some of you need to learn this saving culture, it’s not every day you eat sharwama, that sharwama money can cover the interior decor of a 3 bedroom flat,” Mr Robinson then said in his reply.

He explained further: “Some of you cancel two bottles of beer every day of the week. If you starve yourself of beer for just one week, you can use that money to buy a plot of land in Ibeju Lekki and even erect the foundation (depending on the brand of beer you take).”

“See how easy it is?” the wise man queried.

Apparently, Mr Robinson is not alone. Other Nigerians commented with their various testimonies of grass to grace, thanks to their remarkable approach to saving.

Below are some of the tweets:


But of course, there will always be the never-do-well Doubting Thomii:

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