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Help Gaddafi’s son out of Libya

Help Gaddafi’s son out of Libya

Hello there, am sorry to disturb you but I need your help. Pls don’t ignore me. My name is Muhammad Al-Shukarami Al-Amsarawi Al-Moneim El-Gaddafi, the grandson of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

I know you probably hate my grandfather because of how the Americans write about him. I understand but my grandpa is not like that. He is a good man who make a lot of money that America want to take. It is because he did not give them his money that they kill him. That is why I need your help.

My grandfather give me a lot of money to keep when they want to kill him because many people did not know me. I use to wonder why he did not want me in front of camera but I know now. It is because he want to protect me. I have a total of $2,345,569,879 hidden in different accounts that I need to take out of Libya and escape too. I can’t take it until I am out of the country but I need a fake ID. I can’t use the money for now because they’ll know and they’ll find me. That is why I am sending you message after seeing your Facebook and email.

I want you to give me money like $1000 to do my fake ID and leave the country. I know this is like much to you but I will give you $1,500,000 if you help me do this. I just want your $1000 to leave that’s all.

I have to be going now as I come to use a cafe. Please don’t tell anyone my secret or they’ll find you and me. You can send the money to my via direct transfer. I’ll send my account details as picture so that they’ll not suspect. Thank you for helping me.

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