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‘Why do good people die young?’… Heartbroken Nigerians mourn Kyari’s death on Twitter

‘Why do good people die young?’… Heartbroken Nigerians mourn Kyari’s death on Twitter

TWITTER (The T.A. Report) ― Patriotic and heartbroken Nigerians have taken to Twitter to genuinely mourn the demise of the country’s former Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, one of the greatest men who ever ruled in Africa but who sadly passed away on Friday as a result of a COVID-19 infection.

It all started with Tife (@tife_fabunmi) who said he still cannot believe the great man is no more and has not been able to close the tap of his tears.

“Why do good people die young?” the young man asked, overwhelmed with grief and extreme love for his country.

“He was a leader who was passionate about his people. He worked tirelessly to make the health sector better. Many of us are heartbroken right now. We pray for the strength to bear the loss.”

Tife added that Kyari was “someone who willingly went to the abroad to discuss how to make Nigeria the best country in the world”.

“This isn’t fair. He invested his wealth in changing the health sector in Nigeria. Our President made him his bestie ’cause he was hardworking and patriotic. A Hero!”

The Twitter user’s condolence message struck a chord with other young Nigerians who came out in their hundreds to praise and pray for the late Kyari. He was described as a man with a heart of gold, Assistant Jesus Christ, and one who paid the supreme price in the service of his country.

“I couldn’t sleep overnight. I was in the pool of my own tears. For someone who invested his wealth in giving us 24 hrs electricity. Sad day for Naija, we lost a good man,” wrote the Twitter version of Balogun of Ibadan (@MubarakBalogun).

“I already used four full rolls of tissue wiping away tears, such a bright mind taken away from us when he was doing great,” another Nigerian, The Ayos (@iyam_haryur), tweeted.

One person to whom Kyari donated one of his kidneys, Mr Anyhow (@AnyhowMr) also could not contain his tears as he wondered why good people die quickly.

Zinny (@zinny_biola), a patriotic Nigerian Twitter user who even has the country flag in her name, described the late Chief of Staff as “a leader who had the interests of the people at heart, a true Muslim and a martyr”.

“My heart is shattered,” she said. “May Allah accept his ibadah and make his grave as tolerable as the situation of his home country right now.”

Below are other tweets from the condolence thread:

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