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Hate Speech: I am the Law, and the Law shall not be mocked!

Hate Speech: I am the Law, and the Law shall not be mocked!

It is the year 2022… The social media bill has been passed into law, Twitter has become a ghost town… Only users with VPN access to mask their IP address still go on there to tweet.

Social media activists such as Aisha Yesufu, Segalink, and the indefatigable Madam Oby have been incarcerated by the Government under the new Law. Like Sowore, they have been denied bail despite orders from the court.

Jackboots and gunpoints are the order of the day, the nation is in a state of anarchy as litigants taking their cue from the Federal and State governments have refused to obey orders emanating from the courts. The courts having been rendered practically useless and stripped of their powers like “de black panther” have gone on indefinite vacation. Na “who sabi pesin pass” dey reign as the law of the day and every “gbas” is met with an even more effective “gbos“.

In the midst of all these lies our protagonist; Mustapha; a DSS Commander.

From our God-eye view, we see Mustapha basking in exultation. He has just returned from a successful bust. He and his team of battle-hardened officers have just raided a safe house in Yaba where dissidents who were clamouring against the third term bid of Daddy Bubu the everlasting had set up shop. How dare they oppose Bubu the magnificent? How dare they?? Shouting Constitution upandan the online attempting to truncate Bubu’s good works… The bloody civilians.

Anyways, he and his boys had taught them the lesson of their lives. Come and see battering and brutalising, knocked out teeth flying here and there like hailstones. Ha… He was proud of his boys. Especially that one they called Danku. The boy had nerves of steel in him. The way he shot that one that went by the moniker @DrD4Democracy in the head after pummeling him to a pulp still sent the natural fear of God in him. They would brook no dissent, they were the law, and the law would not be mocked. Not on his watch. Astaghfirullah that his daddy; Bubu would not reign Supreme till he drew his last breath…

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