Omo eni ku, o san ju omo eni nu lo – a dead child is better than a missing child, is an apt proverb when we think about our missing daughter, LEAH Sharibu.

It hurts My President, Muhammadu Buhari, and me, Penkelemesi Alayabioke that a star like Leah would be kept in the dark by terrorists. It is really sad. And what is more saddening is the fact that Baba Buhari’s detractors have said it is part of the seasonal Prison Break movie that Aso Rock Nolly is showing. What impudence!

Youths of this generation, I don’t like them for any reason. Must you attack the President? Don’t you have respect anymore? I see you running your fingers on social media, chattering on and on like wild birds, about how Leah is currently being detained to score a political point. How dare you say Baba is trying to make himself look like the Superhero of Christians and Muslims? Baba has been able to get over 100 girls out of captivity without bragging about it and this is what you pay him with? Is it not enough that you think we staged the release of the other girls?

Boko Haram took our Leah and wants to turn her into an Eleha, something that she obviously is not. My President is a President of all religions and ethnic background, and he is going to save our Leah. When that happens – mark my words it will – Baba will not even make noise about it. It is still the bunch of jobless youths that will turn it into a national debate. What is my own? As long as Baba keeps being our hero; and as long as the hero of Aso Rock, the conqueror of office rats and corruption, the peacekeeper in times of Herdsmen attack, the queller of Boko Haram and saviour of Dapchi girls, is returned to office in 2019, I shall remain a happy old man with no care for the unprepared bunch of youths in our great nation, Nigeria.

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