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Buari: Grand Condemner of the Federal Republic

Buari: Grand Condemner of the Federal Republic

In mid 2020, a remarkable Nigerian eulogised the incumbent head of the Nigerian Republic for his ability to suffer and survive so many life-threatening shocking experiences as the leader of a country that prides itself as the Giant of Africa. In that very-very viral article, the writer pointed out the delight of Nigerians on how other countries are begging to learn something other than corruption, poverty, internet scam and the other wonderful things that we are renowned for.

Recent events have shown that beyond being able to survive countless electrocutions caused by happenings in the country, there is more to the man at the helms of the Nigerian State. The tested and trusted retired Army General is getting less credit than he deserves for his incredible ability to condemn incidences that are demarking the country and militating against the promises of a better Nigeria that he made to the masses prior to his election.

In January 2020, Buari reacted on Twitter to the killing of the CAN chairman of Adamawa State, Lawan Andimi thus: “This barbarism is condemnable.” April 2020: “Bu[h]ari condemns killing of 47 persons by bandits in Katsina”, reads the Guardian newspaper. In September, a news headline on the Premium Times reads: “Bu[h]ari condemns attack on Zulum’s convoy, mourns victims”. Another Premium Times headline puts it this way, “Boko Haram: Bu[h]ari condemns murder of over 40 Borno farmers”. On December 12 2020, the Channels TV website published a news article on the recent attack and abduction of Secondary School students in the President’s Katsina State with the headline, “Bu[h]ari condemns Katsina school attack”.

It is beyond reproach that there was a time when all he could do was to be in shock, clueless and dumb over happenings — all that is in the distant past now. He is now showing signs of being the man we voted into power with all our might and strength. He now condemns incidences without being coerced by the citizenry to do so.

His condemnations are what Nigerians need at their lowest periods and darkest moments. It is a biblical truth that the tongue possesses a very potent power. It can set free and cast one into dungeon – ask defamers if you’re in doubt. It can enthrone and dethrone – Trump can partly relate with this. It can make Nigeria the jewel and true giant of Africa or send it down the rungs of development and stability. Who knows? Perhaps it is with this sentiment in mind that a compatriot composed the famous song, “Nigeria E Go Beta”.

No doubt, Buari is in a position to change things and not merely condemn them. But why spend time on tilling your soil when a tractor can do that adequately, expeditiously and without expending a joule of energy? The sure-fire way to make Nigeria better is to condemn the perceived ills and anomalies, sit back and watch things change right in front of us. There is no man worthy of condemning the wrongs than the righteous man from Daura.

His mere condemnation of corruption is stifling that ugly monster. At the moment, it is desperately gasping for breaths that are proving elusive. It may not take long for Pa Lie-Nus na Muhammadu-Buari to declare the death of corruption. It was his condemnation of the Boko Haram sect that caused its division and much celebrated technical defeat. Very reliable Intel reaching me has it that the sect is presently packing out of the country for a summer in the warmth of Chad and Niger.

I am not in doubt that his condemnation of the attack on a school and abduction of Katsina students will make their abductors to release them with the damages for the assault on their liberty lodged in their pockets. I wish he were around to condemn the kidnapping of the Chibok school girls; I have no doubt that they would have been back with us.

Christmas is here again and all I want for Christmas is for Buari to condemn economic hardship. I want him to denounce bad governance. The rising cost of living is becoming a menace; Baba should condemn it too. All that I need to enjoy a smooth ride on truly Nigerian roads to Kaduna this Yule is for it to be condemned by the president and angels will fill up the potholes. All that we need for our education, health, agriculture and tourism and hospitality sectors to thrive are words of condemnation by Aisha’s husband.

Having said all this, it is glaring that the president is doing Nigerians well. I therefore have no hesitation in hailing Gen. Mo Buari (Rtd) as the Grand Condemner of the Federal Republic – that which he condemns, and refuses to borrow sense and behave well, does not exist.

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