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5 things the media won’t tell you about Bill Gates

5 things the media won’t tell you about Bill Gates

I know him. We all know him. He is the founder of Microsoft. He’s a geek with a lot of money. He was one of those kids you could look at and say, “Yeah, he has two heads.” But this is just the epidermis of the man William Henry Gates III. You know too little about Gates. Let me introduce you to the world’s most mysteriously dangerous man.

1. He is a time traveller

According to the hot-tub magazine issue 666 published in 1954, a mysterious incidence was recorded in a city in America. A middle-class family was robbed by a smudge looking thief claiming he was from the future. The thief attacked the house of Mary and Gates, and coerced them into having sex that night. Although he didn’t steal money or property, the thief stole their dignity as a couple. He also commanded them to name the child Bill whenever they gave birth to him. Bill is a time-traveller from the future who wanted to control the most bills of money ever made. Don’t you wonder why this investigation was published in the issue 666 of hot-tub magazine? Bill Gates is the anti-christ and he went from the future to plant himself into Mary (yes, same name as mother of Christ), in order to take over the world.

2. He is not a philanthropist

He has Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He donates money to ONE Campaign. He gives money to Rotary International. If you’re a thief who does not want to be caught, won’t you also start cleaning your trail? Bill Gates wants the world to accept him as our saviour so that when he finally reveals himself to us as the Antichrist, we won’t fight back. It’ll be too late. Bill Gates the time traveler warned us about coronavirus since 2015. He is now introducing the cure in 2020 after his plans have been set to motion. He wants to introduce a control chip through vaccine. We will not cower before you Bill Gates. You’re the Antichrist and your days are numbered. As the Bible said, “The gates of hell shall not prevail”.

3. Bill Gates did not go to school

The devil does not need education, does he? When he was in high school, they reported that Bill used to leave class to go and work on computer. Please note that this was before we had smooth computers in the world. This was at a time when computers used to occupy a whole house to work. But Bill Gates knew the formula to taking over the world and he has been working on it for years. When his mates were in school, he would sneak out during the day to use computer. He’ll sneak out of the house at night to use computer. When his father used his influence to get University admission for him, he dropped out because he knew more than the University. Why won’t he know more? Someone who has come from the future to plan our doom. But does he know more than God? No.

4. He does not like Africans

If you were a bad man trying to take over the world and you wanted to test your medicine, won’t you try it in a place filled with people so that when they die the world won’t suspect. Look at all the money Bill Gates is donating, why are they always in Africa? He’s trying to end malaria in Africa by killing mosquitoes. Is he God? He’s trying to end Polio in Africa by giving vaccine when only God can give us the solution to our problems. When leaders in Northern Nigeria tried to resist, he gave them money and killed children to threaten parents. He has been using Africans as his scapegoats since all these years. He is fighting poverty. He is fighting polio. He is fighting malaria. All the things that God gave us to show he is God. Bill Gates is questioning God’s creations. And he is doing it in Africa because he knows we don’t have the money to fight back. He hates the world. He wants to control it. And he is starting in Africa.

5. 5G is the last straw

Bill Gates started talking about coronavirus in 2015, a year that ends in 5. He has been giving us hints since. He donated $58 billion to fighting poverty. If you look at Windows logo, you’ll see 4 small squares which then make up a big square. 4+1 = 5. Bill Gates was born in 1955. He became a professional in 1975. He entered Forbes list in 1995. We could go on and on about Bill Gates and his 5G plan. This is the last part of all his plans. Bill Gates is not trying to save us. He created the virus to control us. As humans, we need to resist Bill Gates for the glory of God. We cannot allow the Antichrist have this victory over us. He is not our Lord and saviour. He is our end and doom.

Bill is a time-travelling Antichrist who feeds the world so he can kill it. It may seem illogical to you, but don’t you feed your chicken to kill it later? Exactly. Fight for your life. Protect your family. Pray to God. Bill Gates must not be allowed to win.

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mene tosan
mene tosan
3 years ago

This is it, I would like I’d introduce others to your article. kindly send me your link to this email address, jeremiahkol05@gmail.com. Rather sad most of our youths are really no longer interested in reading and studying.
Thank you.

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