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The horrors of homosexuality

The horrors of homosexuality

By: Faith Ofure EHIS

While the world is being torn apart by viral pandemics, cases of rape, murder and the likes, let us put that aside and focus on a more serious issue, the hideous crime of homosexuality. Could there be anything more disgusting than two humans of the same sex finding love and companionship with each other? Probably not. There is nothing normal about individuals engaging in intimate relationships that won’t result in making babies – totally unproductive and time wasting.

The perpetrators of this act are criminals and are undeserving of a peaceful life, happiness and even the right to be called humans. It is therefore totally fine for us as pious and perfect members of the society to condemn, ostracize, bully, belittle or even be violent with these creatures as we help God judge and punish them, who knows, biblical sins like lying, stealing, fornication (heterosexual) and other petty things the society accepts as normal would also then considered normal in the eyes of God.

For biological, psychological or no reason at all, these individuals choose to deviate from the norm- like being different has ever being a good thing — and engage in barbaric activities that cause harm to the minds of all who hears about it.

While creating scarcity for spinsters and bachelors in need of heterosexual partners to continue their respective lineages, the act of homosexuality even more than excessive drinking, drug addictions, teenage pregnancies and terrorism threatens the mental, spiritual and physical well-being of the younger and soon-to-come generations. Imagine a world full of people who feel free to express themselves as they truly are — the horror!

As judges in our own rights, we shouldn’t allow a group of people unnecessarily contribute to checking our overpopulation issues.

We should probably go back to the old days where gays were either killed or taken to mental homes and churches to be cured, the days when twin babies were cursed, females were property and solely for reproduction — mutilated and sold out before puberty — and the blacks were inferior to the whites. Social differences weren’t so ridiculous then and things generally made more sense at least the term “feminism” didn’t exist.

I am Faith Ofure Ehis, a Nigerian from Edo state who resides in both Katsina state and Benin city. I am a graduate of the University of Benin from the the department of plant biology and biotechnology, faculty of life sciences. I enjoy reading books and writing poems and articles.   

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