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On your mandate, we stand – even if heaven falls

On your mandate, we stand – even if heaven falls

By: Aniebiet Effiong

Bola, though our knees may wobble in fatigue and our ribs announce the hollowness of our bellies, on your mandate, we stand. Though the scorching sun tells our skin the fairy tales of hardship and inflation, on your mandate, we stand, for yours is a mandate of renewed hope.

How can someone in a proper state of mental health wake up to say things like:

This government is lame,

This government has plunged the masses into crisis,

This government is confused,

This government lacks competence,

This government this, this government that.

I know Nigerians miss Buhari, but it is very horrendous to stay or exist in the midst of unrepentant ingrates as fellow citizens. Those who do not see the need for timely commendations of praiseworthy leaders. If we do not thank exemplary leaders like Abacha, Buhari, Tinubu, etc, who will? The Americans can’t do this for us when we are the core and direct beneficiaries of the comfortable and stabilised economy — though, in many ways, foreigners are also benefiting from the Nigerian economy. God bless Tinubu!

This short work is written in the appraisal of a man who has proven himself to be the best we may have ever thought of. A man who has shown that old age is unarguably an advantage in enviable leadership. The older, the better for the people and the policies formulated.

His Excellency Bola Tinubu became the best option during the campaigning period the moment he screamed ‘Emi lokan!’ We just knew he was the one for the job; thus, the reason we went out en masse to vote him into power, leaving other top candidates with one or two votes. 

Remember that during his days as Governor, he bought all the lands with his hard-earned money, built houses, raised indigenous companies, and singlehandedly funded the entire development of the place known as Lagos. From his influence and authority, Lagos was made the Federal Capital Territory. He made Lagos what it is today. The state must, as a matter of appreciation, be named after him.

Nigeria is gradually becoming a replica of what he made Lagos to be. He has wielded his leadership powers, adeptness and mastery to ensure the workability of everything in the country. This is well evidenced in the Naira-dollar exchange rate, which has improved prices of everything — except for employee salaries, which have to remain static, or else employers will die.

The higher the prices of goods, the better the economy of the nation. The higher the fuel price, the richer the masses (as a matter of fact, the fuel subsidy removal was timely). A bag of cement is reportedly sold at around N15k, only N15k o! We are even lucky it hasn’t increased to N50k yet.

Prices of foodstuffs have mildly skyrocketed, and so? Are the Senators complaining? Are the Ministers lamenting? If they aren’t, then why should you? If things are hard, the most affected are the first-class citizens. Politicians are the most concerned because the hardship they face to satisfy the common man is astounding. They dump their children in public schools and ensure they donate and distribute sewing machines, clippers, exercise books, bags of rice, and so on to Nigerians, especially during electioneering, to alleviate their penury. God bless them!

Some Nigerians just lack patience.  Sometimes, inflation is a perfect way to boost the economy. Nigeria’s economy is not dwindling but rather growing rapidly and going at a rattling pace. Hallelujah! (Note: The nation’s economy is the politician’s account status. I’m aware most students aren’t taught this in school.)

I’ve read people make comments like, “The man who built Lagos is destroying Nigeria.” Such antithetical, false, and careless statements should be ignored. It could make one think that things are not going well in the country, and it might as well paint the whole issue to look as though people are suffering.

Tinubu is building Nigeria, though many of us may not be singing his appraisals to avoid complacency on his side. Frankly speaking, his messianic moves cannot go unnoticed. 

The hope of an average Nigerian is renewed daily, courtesy of our saviour, Tinubu. We are a people of hope. Besides, ‘e go better’ and ‘this government go favour me and my family.’ Let’s give him a little more time. Say the next seven years. Rome was not built in a day.

It shall not be well with those who consider the previous and current tenure abhorrent and appalling. These ones are the real attention seekers and bad belles. And even if this administration happens to be the worst democratic administration, what is your concern? Hasn’t Seyi, Jagaban’s son, admonished everyone to endure the small hardship? What else would one expect him to do? The dad is working round the clock — tirelessly for continuous growth — whilst the son is admonishing. 

The present administration’s impact on people is impeccable and conspicuously beautiful. Indeed, it was a good transition of power — from Bubu to Jagaban. And as promised, we are experiencing a perfect continuum. Buhari’s mandate was to purge the country of corruption, which he did successfully till Nigeria became the most sanitised country in Africa and second in the world. A leader who cleansed his cabinet of corruption and thereby revealed to the world how possible it was to have corrupt-free leaders during his time. Now, we have a renewer of dead and lost hope leading the nation. How luckier can a country get? Hence, the core reason our jaws are filled with thank yous. Indeed, Tinubu’s administration is the best thing that can ever happen to you.

I know those in the diaspora must be really jealous. They wish they never left the country. 

P.S. Nigerian leaders should organise masterclasses for world leaders on Leadership, development, and strategy. There’s provision for this. Ibom International Worship Centre can serve as a venue for the masterclasses. Some can join virtually now that we have the best network coverage in Nigeria across all service providers, especially Etisalat and Globacom. 

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