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Not this world – A dead man’s tale

Not this world – A dead man’s tale

By: Blessing Adediwura

In another world, not ours,

People cut down trees without replanting,

Car exhaust fumes fill the atmosphere without remorse,

Animals in the wild are shot down for sport and herbal medicine,

Population spirals out of control with no resources to match,

The health sector lacks both human and material resources,

The power supply is erratic and small-medium enterprises survive barely.

In another world, not ours,

Oceans and seas become filled with refuse,

Oil spills are nothing new under the sun,

Marine life becomes extinct like dinosaurs and dragons,

Heavy metals from industries find a playground without restriction on land and underground,

Industrial fumes rise to the heavens in hallowed worship,

Landlords are gods in urban areas and property agents are demigods.

In another world, not ours,

The ozone layer has been depleted beyond known levels,

Wildfires have become an order of the day, free for all to view and be burnt by,

Known cities are historic artifacts preserved by the sea,

While the remaining parts of the world are blessed with drought.

In another world, not ours,

Freedom of movement and speech is the devil in disguise,

Police are not your friend,

The law is unjust and every criminal is tried according to their societal position and not according to the crimes committed,

NGOs have secret political sponsors,

The press is in bondage.

In another world, not ours,

The priest violates and molests altar boys,

The pastor is god and his word is final,

His sweat drops are medicinal and his saliva spat on you in prayer contains healing properties,

Your miracles are certain, all that is required is your money, no matter how rich or wretched you are,

And a throat clear as the sound of cymbals.

The fight against government oppression lives on social media,

Igbo traders are dishonest yet hardworking, Yoruba women are cussers yet kind, Hausa merchants are dirty yet generous, Ijaw traders are partial yet trustworthy.

In another world, definitely not ours,

It can never be ours.

Why will it be ours? An absurd imagination.

At least, we teach and practice a clean, restorative and safe Earth,

Our government is hardworking and transparent – there is really nothing to hide.

We also worship a true God that doesn’t require your money and appreciates you not disturbing your neighbour with noise,

The priest teaches the altar boy to fear God, and seeks nothing in his pants,

A pastor is just a man with leadership qualities,

The fight against government oppression is not only on social media,

Igbo boys are honest traders, Yoruba women are polite, Hausa merchants are health-conscious, Ijaw traders are impartial,

The police are top-notch and the press is truly free.

Adediwura is an energetic young woman with a passion for writing and a creativity whiz. She bartends, creates content for an EdTech company, enjoys travelling and takes professional photographs in her spare time. Adediwura also enjoys reading and has probably read over a 100 books in her lifetime.

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