… where sa-tyres never go flat

Lamentations of an Egbere

My soul magnifies in Nigerian politicians!

My soul magnifies in Nigerian politicians!

(A parody of the Magnificat)

My soul magnifies in Nigerian poli-trick-cians;

the best of us – who now double as our saviours.

Who are we that they have shown us great kindness?

The world now calls us blessed and most prosperous,

and ponder on our manifest greatnesses

They show mercy only to those whose inactions they thrive on

by exalting them to a grander level of suffering

— thus making them smile as they suffer some more

They cause the critics to transit to the bliss of eternity,

while terror-mongers get rewarded with the goodies of this world.

They feed the starving poor with starvation.

They guard our country with insecurity.

Thus, fulfilling the oaths sworn on either of the Books

Indeed, my soul magnifies in Nigerian poli-trick-cians! 

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