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Meet my country

Meet my country

By: Okebunmi Titoluwa Favour

Hello! Meet my country Nigeria,

We are the giant of Africa,

Although, we are trying to plug the fruit of greatness from the tree that’s just 2ft tall.

We are the world’s number one developing nation as the seed of glory sown by our heroes’ way before 1960 is still growing.

Meet my people,

Although we differ in tribe, language and maybe colour, we are one people.

We are one people, one Nation.

Our connection is beyond cords as each tribe holds the other by the neck strangulating them.

Tell me how can this be divided?

Meet our leaders, my leaders.

They’re from different political parties but they’re under the same umbrella, the lions and humans here use the same broom to sweep.

They are not just their brother’s keeper; they’re their sister’s, mother’s and father’s keepers as they keep the sweat of the masses in international accounts.

They play their role perfectly because the script can never go missing like our budget.

Meet the masses;

They’re always alright especially when they are settled.

Wage is king: whether minimum or maximum.

They try to maximize the minimum wage given to them by purchasing laziness, corruption and poverty.

They own “power” but it can be bought with a packet of matches and 3 yards of Ankara,

With persistent haggle it can be sold at the last price of sweet words.

Meet our youth; hopefully I’m one of them.

We all have a promising future because we are lazy.

Our future lies in hope just like akara in bread, the akara is super safe with the bread’s covering.

Although we try our best to leave poverty and misery, we can’t betray the hood.

Because inside life lies 5alive; what else can you ask for.

Scam is a strange word as we don’t even know the source.

Benz isn’t a dream; it is in the PLUS.

There are more people I haven’t introduced yet like;

The good guys in black who scan and scam criminals or

The guys whose language is bomb and message is books should be in everyone’s home.

The guys whose Cow’s net-worth is more than Dangote’s.

Everyone I’ve introduced is unique and special; their similarity takes crux in the peculiarity of putting their trust in NEPA.

They have constant light.

So can we know you?

My name is Tito, I’m 20 years of age. I am a value communicator; I communicate truths and help shape the mindset through writings, poems and Arts. My desire is to use my pen and pencil to shape people’s way of thinking especially from the archaic patterns sown to our minds by tradition and culture.

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The only thing you need to know about me is I speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ―― well, except when writing.

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1 year ago

Hmmm 🧐 nice one sir ; love the content and also the word u use to describe everyone .. What a big country you summarized🙃

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