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Prize for Satire

Lip service

Lip service

by: Emmanuel Isidore Udoma

You were taught to take up your cross & follow Christ,

To turn the other cheek for another imprint of palms;

Instead, you put your fingers in another’s eye

Even when your skin hasn’t been scratched.

On Sunday, you garment in white singing in angelic voices

Heartrending, soul searching praise & worship.

Monday comes, you undress like whores before wenchers

Wearing the devil’s smile, you watch humanity shelved:

~ “Executhiefs” plunging our commonwealth

~ Paupers pauperized   plucking from their tree of plenty

~ Press censored   stuttering where tongues ought to wag.

~ Freedom & truth exchanged for costly silence & free doom.

Tell me how you love God when you spite at his likeness?

How do you sleep at night when you walk past

Penniless paupers praying you for a coin’s miracle?

How do you preach love when your heart is filled with hate?

At the market, a man screams for help as he loses his body

In flames to tongues rolled into an “O”. Ole! Homo! You’re a passerby

Watching his groans smoke into heaven. It’s justice, you say.

O just judge! Retrace your steps & be sure of no wrongdoings.

You complain about bad leadership at the top, yet

Your constituents prefer Hitler’s reign to yours

How do you throw stones into water expecting no ripples?

Remember, the truth is like oil on the surface of water.

Prayer Points

We are prayer warriors, fighting unspiritual battles.

We offer prayers for security challenges

And lacking social amenities. At every corner,

There’s a mushroom house of worship

Where we shout, Holy Ghost fire! Jesus!

The specious solution to our problems.

A tortoise crawls faster than our emergency services.

Here, the intensive care unit begs for blood and oxygen,

Potbellied politicians pose as powerful and influential

Yet call us, youths, the leaders of tomorrow.

Yesterday was the tomorrow promised our fathers.

Today is our foretold tomorrow:

When will our tomorrow come?

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