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Children of reason and righteousness

Children of reason and righteousness

Notes of a finally woke and justifiably angry young person.

by: Akunna James-Ibe

August 24, 2022

Somebody should hold me o.


I’m furious. Enraged. Incensed. Irate. Embittered. Righteous anger is brewing in my belly, splattering against my insides, spilling over.

I can’t believe that in this largely progressive generation of ours the stench of patriarchy still waxes brazenly. It’s utterly revolting. I would say I’m hysterical with anger but even the word “hysterical” has been polluted by the perpetual patriarchal propaganda to delude society.

No fam, I’m hersterical with anger.

So I was scrolling through my Twitter feeds the other day and I read that a prominent association in the country—upon concluding the football matches they organized to mark an event—awarded competitors in the female team less than their male counterparts. I thought it was a joke at first because, I mean, we should have grown past this, bah? Not so! It turned out that when the organizers were called out to explain themselves, they blushed in shame and began to raise money to make up for their indiscretion.

My Lord!

Please don’t tell me about how the female team played 1 game while the male team played 6 games. Rubbish! That’s the kind of chauvinist talk that makes me want to gag. Equality is equality. If women were not so oppressed in the first place, they’d have played more than one game. Like, did anyone care to ask them?

It’s the same bullshit reasons the system uses to justify the pay discrepancy between both genders in international sports: Male sports generate more revenue, female sports generate less; they pay according to income generated and other stories that touch the heart. Look, I know I’ve never watched any female football match and that I don’t know the name of any female footballer, but that’s besides the point. It’s my right to watch anything I want to watch, but it’s the duty of managers to pay female players as much as their male counterparts regardless of how much income the different teams generate, period!

Until we begin to take cues from countries like Rwanda, we are doomed to mediocrity. Rwanda has a female majority in the parliament, 61.3% for the lower house and 38.5% for the upper house—ask Wikipedia. Now, that’s a nation that truly understands egalitarianism. No wonder they are doing so well.

Please let’s not wait to be called out before doing what’s reasonable and right.:⁠-⁠(

#Endthepatriarchy #Womenrule #Empowerwomen #Zealousfeminism #Equalityforall #Breakthebias

August 30, 2022


Mind you, this lol is dripping with bitterness and caustic sarcasm. Because you see, there’s nothing remotely lol-vely about privileged but retrogressive, unempathic, and unsophisticated individuals who pride in their ignorance and are intolerant to change and inclusion.

In fact, for this particular journal entry, lol is short for lashing out literarily.

It’s crazy, but someone actually had the temerity to tweet something as unfeeling as, “Transwomen are transwomen; transmen are transmen; women are women; men are men. Let’s not get it twisted.”

What? For real?

I was eating at first, but after being struck by the stink of that very transphobic tweet I was so nauseated I couldn’t eat anymore.

Trust twitter, there was a rampage!

My compatriots and I screamed murder and injustice, urging everyone to cancel the fellow until the tweet was rescinded.


Like who do you think you are to dictate what people are? Who do you think you are to put labels on people and marginalize them because of what they are? Who even created this stupid system of gender assignment? Who even created laws?

Yes, who created laws?

Like why should a dumb meter rule define me as 5’1 when I see myself as a 5’11? And why should a mere machine tell me that I have insufficient balance in my own account? In fact, who are you to class me as a Nigerian when I have stated clearly that the United States of America is my Fatherland?

These are the issues.

Perhaps one day the world will begin to see reason and understand that all these rules are mere folly and propaganda; things designed by privileged people to oppress everyone else.

Till the world grows in reason, we must cancel anyone who scorns progressive views, anyone who has a problem with the freedom we are fighting for. Intolerance to ill-befitting views is the only way we can promote true tolerance. Stifling the freedom of speech of retrogressive persons is the only way we can promote freedom of choice of progressive persons. Excluding privileged people is the surest way to achieving inclusion.

No more double standards. No more hypocrisy.

Everyone ought to endeavour to do what is reasonable and right.

#wokegeneration #inclusion #pridegang #translivesmatter #notoretrogressivespeech #humanrightsactivist

September 9, 2022

See, I don’t like being angry, but many things in the world always seem to collude to trigger me. And I’m not the type to keep quiet when I sniff a wisp of folly or injustice. It’s just the way I am. Horoscopically, I’m an empath and an advocate. You get?

That is why I just can’t shake off how the scheming of the Europeans opened up the Pandora’s box of catastrophes that now beset black people. Think Nigeria. Talk about slavery and colonialism and how these unholy duo usurped our culture and ruined our sociopolitical sphere.

I’m  contemplating this afresh because it trended on Twitter the other day. 

Since the white people meddled with Nigeria, our history xtory has been rife with woe and doom, and several decades after independence we have only matured from bad to worse. I don’t want to hear about how Singapore and other countries have been doing very well despite being colonized. Different countries have different personalities, so don’t lump us all in the same category. That one country has strong political will does not mean another country is as fortunate.

Colonialism is the singular cause of all the problems plaguing Nigeria and Africa in general. Before colonialism, Africans had no single corrupt bone in their bodies. We were pure, righteous, and hospitable. It doesn’t matter that African chiefs sold their own into slavery for trinkets or that there were some inhumane caste systems and practices, or that there were often tribal wars. The Europeans should have just lived and let live. Our culture was perfect and beautiful, but they used their white education and religion to ensnare us. Now we are stuck in a rut. I’m not saying we are not as smart and endowed as those who have made significant progress; that’ll be totally white supremacist.

What I mean is: Because of the colonists Nigerian leaders pass policies that undermine the socioeconomic climate. Because of them our mineral resources have been mismanaged over the years. Because of them our educational sector is in shambles. Because of them snakes swallow money. Because of them I am skeptical about using products made in Nigeria. Because of them I will soon japa with my mates and continue berating them on twitter.

So let’s keep crying foul. Let’s keep pointing fingers until things change. Let’s curse the European imperialism. Let’s only focus on all the negative things the Europeans have wreaked. Let’s continue down the path of destruction so that they’ll stew in shame and regret whenever they see a Nigerian. It’s the reasonable and right thing to do.

#Criesofjustice #howeuropeunderdevelpedafrica #wewillneverforget #Africaisbeautiful #Blackisgold #injusticetooneisinjusticetoall

PS: Please do the right and reasonable thing by returning this journal intact if found or call 08012233445

Thank you.

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