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#BoJexit: Blood of Jesus flees Nigeria, relocates to Canada

#BoJexit: Blood of Jesus flees Nigeria, relocates to Canada

Blood of Jesus, Nigeria’s default insurance provider, has fled the country for Canada citing personal abuse, mental health and human right reasons.

He jumped on a flight to Vancouver on Friday amidst killings and lootings in the aftermath of the popular #EndSARS protests.

In a video that has since gone viral on WhatsApp, he said that it became necessary for him to leave Nigeria because he does not feel safe again.

He continued: “Everyone has their own limit, everyone as a point they reach that they can take no more and I think I have reached mine.

“I have been enduring this for decades and I have honestly been trying to cope, when Nigerians buy a new car, they cover it with the blood of Jesus, when they build a new house, they cover it with the blood of Jesus, when they start a business, they cover it with the blood of Jesus, when they are going on a Journey they cover it with the blood of Jesus, when they are investing in a Ponzi Scheme, they cover it with the blood of Jesus, even their lives are covered with the blood of Jesus!”

He lamented that looking at the rate at which Nigerians are abusing him, it’s just a matter of time before he runs out of blood himself, and eventually, his life.

He added: “Please, don’t get me wrong! I am not saying it’s a bad thing to cover your misfortunes with my blood but at least, you should seek my consent, that’s the standard practice everywhere. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Nigerians and this is taking quite a big toll on my mental health and I have only been able to last this long because of help from my friends at MANI.”

He further revealed that the last straw that broke his camel’s back was the massacre that happened in Lekki last Tuesday and the various destructions of lives and properties that trailed the unfortunate incident.

“Parents have lost their children. Children have lost their parents. And many people have lost one or more relative just as many businesses are being looted across the country. These are people and properties covered with my blood but I couldn’t protect! Not because I don’t want to protect them but it’s just impossible to be in Ojoo, Lekki and thousands of other places at the same time, it is just insane!

“Though I heard the court at Igbosere was burnt but still I cannot remain in Nigeria while risking one clueless Mr. Garbage joining me in a class action lawsuit with Jack in a matter wherein I am completely helpless and innocent. And even if they refuse to sue me, I know Nigerians, for the sake of my mental health, I can’t stand their whining,” he concluded.

However, Aletilapa, a young Nigerian echoing the opinions of the majority has taken to social media to express the helplessness of the people and also to condemn the exit of Blood of Jesus saying: “Who do we now turn to for cover when Nigeria rains bullets on us? Who do we call on for help to protect us against looting? Who do we turn to? We can not just stay here without cover? Canada has something that legitimately belongs to us and we are coming…”

Meanwhile, the chairman of the National Confederation of Insurance Providers (NCIP), Dr. Ofowumi Cover, has expressed his excitement over the exit of Blood of Jesus noting that his exit might just be the mark of a new dawn in insurance culture in Nigeria.

Recall that A’uzubillahi, a distant cousin to Blood of Jesus, also left Nigeria for the UK a couple of years ago during the peak of terrorism in Northern Nigeria and has refused to come back ever since. His last activity on Twitter was a retweet of “Japa” video by Naira Marley.

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