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Ajimobi is still my father—Penkelemesi

Ajimobi is still my father—Penkelemesi

He said while he jokingly boxed our reporter on the Facebook chat…

With just few days to the governortorial, I mean, gubernatorial election, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Oyo State, Mr Bayo Adelabu popularly known as Penkelemesi, has reaffirmed the political superiority of the incumbent governor, Senator(less) Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi, by saying that he remains his father.

The reaffirmation was contained in a friendly Facebook chat between the hopeful and our correspondent.

Late yesterday, a campaign audio file said to be from the ruling party started circulating on WhatsApp and Telegram literally begging the people of Oyo state to vote Mr Penkelemesi of the APC in the coming state elections.

The audio file was recorded and seem to have the signature of a local poet widely known as Ologundudu who claimed he had been sent by President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to appeal to the people of Oyo State to overlook the “big mouth” and excesses of the incumbent governor and not visit his sins on the party’s gubernatorial hopeful.

However, in a rather surprising twist of event, Mr Penkelemesi has disclaimed the audio file that has since gone viral saying the audio is not aligning with his political ideology of godfatherism and though it was the idea of the party, he is personally not cool with it as that is tantamount to betraying his political godfather, the current governor of the state.

“I have said it during governorship debates and I will say it again, Ajimobi is my father and he is still my father. There is nothing anybody can say that will make me abandon him to his sinking ship because we have been together on that ship.

“They said he has a ‘big mouth’, they said he is insensitive and that he talks anyhow to people, but I have just a question to the people peddling these, is that a crime? See, though I am a banker but I know my rights and I know when something is wrong under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Daddy Ajimobi has not done anything against the law!” He shouted during the chat.

“The Yoruba peopele have a saying that ẹlẹ́nu rírùn ló l’àmù ìyá ẹ which means that though the governor has ‘mouth odor’, I, Adebayo Adelabu, still find the water of wisdom oozing from his mouth highly refreshing.”

“I love Boda Biola and if not that I happen to be a beneficiary of the Penkelemesi name from my grandfather, I would have even chosen Boda Biola over my grandfather anytime, any day …well, my grandfather is dead anyway, so I will have no trouble in choosing a living over the dead…,” he said while adding a ?.

His update after the chat interview…

“If people say Ajimobi is arrogant, that is their headache. People will always say rubbish about others in power. whether they decide to vote us or not, nothing can stop our victory…they can go to hell, ours is the NEXT LEVEL, o ti penkele,” he concluded with his campaign slogan and a string of laugh with tears emojis ?????????

Recall that the Oyo State governor,  Abiola Ajimobi of the APC, who is notorious  for very undiplomatic and uncouth utterances had lost in his senatorial bid to return to the National Assembly after an eight-year stint as a governor.

It was said that after winning the second term as a governor, he started to see himself as a mini-god in the league of Late Lamidi Adedibu, he even gave himself a title “Kòṣẹlẹ̀rí” (It has never happened before) but it seemed that when the old senator thought he had seen and conquered all of Ibadan, the Ibadan people rerouted him to Layipo and he obviously did not survive the puzzle.

Where Ìbàdàn housekeeping service kept Ajímọ̀bí.

Meanwhile, Sahara Reporters had reported that Tinubu, the grand godfather, had banned Ajimobi from appearing at APC governorship rallies in a bid to save the party from extinction but most importantly to guard against Ajimobi ridiculous statements and questions like, “You, where is your compound here in Ibadan? Who is your father? Did you vote for me? You did not? You lack respect for constituted authority” and so on and so forth.

Chill! This is a satire and if I have to tell you that before you know then I think you really deserve to be a Nigerian!

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