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Zero panic in the streets of London

Zero panic in the streets of London

by: Chuks Chinyere

The English FA should know better than to allow the inevitable, linger and drag to the point where it can be proven otherwise. I see no reason why the trophy and the 2022/2023 EPL season is not already bequeathed to Arsenal FC as winners on the back of our outstanding performance so far. What remains to be seen after 51 points from 21 games, recording only 2 loses whilst sitting on the shoulders of two Greater Manchester teams? United fans already gave us the trophy after the 3-2 defeat, Pep Guadiola corroborated with his unending compliments for Mikel Arteta, the press approved that we already won this season, and Arsenal fans accepted. Does it matter if Brighton AFC and Todd Bohely screwed our winter transfer efforts, to weaken our squad depth? Waiting till the end of the season to determine whether Arsenal FC wins the league, is so outdated like Liverpool’s midfield.

Reasons why Arsenal should be gifted the title are; Mikel Arteta is the youngest coach amongst the teams in the title race, with the least coaching experience, managing the youngest team with the slimmest transfer budget. Yet he’s doing numbers Arsene Wenger did not pull off even in the year of The Invincibles, isn’t this incredible and worthy of special recognition? At the very least the EPL trophy should be moved to the Emirates for safe keeping.

Did you see Saka’s goal against United at the Emirates? What of Partey’s stunner against Spurs, which was a replica of a previous goal he scored, shows consistency, shows these boys are toiling day and night on the training field, perfecting their shooting techniques and moves, only for the hating ass English FA who sets us up with the worst referees, to match my boys up with Manchester City, at this dreadful time when our form is dwindling, it’s such a set up. It’s nothing but gross lack of trust on the side of the English FA, haven’t we done enough to earn the trust of all footy followers that the Gunners are winning this season’s EPL, what then is the reason behind putting to the test of facing Haaland and De Brune on the same team.

No no no, this is not panic you’re hearing in my voice (trying to hide the crackle in my voice), I am confident in my team. have already concluded, United is going to win the league next season. Rashford has found his form, he is killing it from left or center, the club has more fire wingers than Wolves has got Portuguese players. United’s defense looks very solid with a good mix of quagmire, but the coach is on top of things with the right kind of discipline and winning attitude, one would expect from a follower of Andrew Tate, especially with Mason Greenwood on his way back into the team. If I have my way, Man United would be celebrating their 2023/2024 EPL title right now, if not for anything, just to give my petition for my beloved Arsenal, some validity.

With only two losses out of 21 league game 50 points out of 2 League games in hand Arsenal is very well on their way to a 14th league title, sitting pretty in this jolly ride on the shoulders of the Giants of Manchester two games in hand and seven points ahead of third placed Man United. Notwithstanding, United is going to have an excellent season next year, especially with the premier league title race.

1 point from 2 games and you’re setting us on a date with City, so that they can climb on top of us, this is nothing but sexual assault.

It’s bad Ivan Toney grabbed that equalizer for Brentford on Saturday from an assist by a player offside, but terrible officiating was having its day. What is worse is, setting Arsenal up with two tough fixtures just after our coach who is a former captain of Everton tried to give his beloved former team a chance at escaping relegation by introducing Jorginho fresh from the other side of London with the Chelsea curse still intact. I know these game were predetermined before hand, but that’s besides the point. Deeds of goodwill should be applauded not punished with Haaland breathing down on Saliba whilst shoving his arm in Gabriel’s face, these people are actual humans not robots.

I know I’ve heard many say, Mikel Arteta became a Manager prematurely, having understudied Pep Guardiola for only a couple of years, without the experience and grit enough to manage a top team. I have been forced to agree that for the most part, that Arteta’s success at Arsenal so far has been driven by luck, he’s lucky the Arsenal Board are a patient bunch who saw the building process underway and did not cut him loose mid-construction when he was piling up terrible results. Lucky, he was an excellent Assistant Coach at City, one who actively contributed to the development, making it easy for the club to offload G.Jesus and Zinchencko. Same luck I hope would see us through trashing City like we always do, in our backyard.

I am not panicking, I have absolute confidence in my team that we would qualify for the UCL and at least reach the Semi-Finals of the Europa League, provided we meet United in the Quater-Finals. This is probably more than what we bargained for coming into this season,closing with a double or not.

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