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Why we should make Prof. Osinbajo president

Why we should make Prof. Osinbajo president

By: Chuks. Chinyere(jj)

If only one thing is more important than voting Prof. Osibanjo President, it’s getting my PVC – Permanent Voters Card. The Electoral Act is incomplete until there is a provision that accords one more multiple votes according to how stressful the process of getting the said PVC was. Honestly, I do not see why I will go through all that wahala, sit through the sun and stand in the rain, just for the franchise, to cast one vote, a vote I can’t sell for up to N10,000, especially as this one wey things dey cost. With four votes, I could just sell one each to Kingsley Moughalu, Khadijah Lamidi-Okunnu and any other third force dreamer with no fixed Party secretariat, for like 15k, use the remaining one to vote Prof. Osibanjo for President. With that 45k, I’ll just place a 2 odd bet and multiply the money, before you know it, I will blow. Kai, my inner Sabinus is on steroids, wisdom will kill me finally.

If we look at this situation well, the lack of a multiple-vote provision might be the reason why President Buhari, in his infinite wisdom, is refusing to sign the Electoral Act into law. But he will, of course, not suggest to the lawmakers to make this crucial adjustment, because if their senses is not working it will work by force. After consistent rejections, no be person go tell them, they would do the needful. I too like that man abeg, a perfect blend of too much wisdom and the fatherly disciple, the mix-fit for Nigerians.

If the lawmakers have strong head, they should override the Presidency and pass that bill into law themselves by two third votes of the National Assembly, they will see who, between all 469 of them and Gen. Buhari who owns this country, by the time they are locked out of the National Assembly. Good governance is for the weak, Father Buhari knows we need all good things and he’s providing them in ways we cannot see most, we just have to be strong and manifest Buhari’s good leadership by faith. So my dear founding and non-founding Umu-Africa, as there is more to your PVC, than promoting Vice President Osibanjo to President, so are they multiple reasons why Prof. Osibanjo would make a terrific President for Nigeria, outside the belabored need for good roads, better social amenities, and accountable governance.

We must focus on better things like, Short Lives Matter. Democracy is supposed to be about representative governance, and since 1999, we’ve had Presidents of various heights, but not one short person can boast of having a short stint as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Commander of the Armed Forces. It is true that the South East is clamoring for an Igbo President in 2023, it doesn’t matter if power is not given but taken. Don’t get me started on how divine it’d be for a short man, who nature had cheated out of a place in the Nigerian Military, to become the Commander of the Armed Forces. Not only will this be cool, it’d be the right thing to do as we would be fulfilling the words of Jesus Christ when the rejected stone becomes the Commander in Chief. 2021 was the year small nyash got her so-long denied recognition, so 2023 should be for short people. Who is better in realizing this dream than Prof. Osibanjo?

It might be true that short people might have gotten a short fuse, and this was evident in 2017 when Prof. Osibanjo was named Acting President. You can’t tell me you did not feel the sweep of peace and serenity across the Nation in that short period, and this was a result of all the short tempers across the Nation, appeased that one of their own who understood the matters on ground was finally on top of the situation after a long journey to the top job. It is also a plus for Nigerians as Prof. Osinbajo’s concise nature, quick decision making process and short temper for irregularities and corruption might be the very ingredient we need to build a nation that would stand tall in the congregation of her peers.

Have you seen a Tiktok President before?

I know that anyone serious about their Presidential life-long ambition, should at this time of the year be doing their consultations in London where we have the bulk of electorates and polling units, and not gallivanting the nooks and cranny of the country, attending elite social functions and accepting the free organic love from the masses, like Prof. Osinbajo has been doing in the last few weeks, videos of which has been circulated on Tiktok, garnished with the scintillating sounds of Amanpiano beats. However, on the bright side, Prof. Osinbajo is a technocrat capable of doing Tiktok challenges. Even if Prof. Osibanjo is making the mistake of not doing his consultations in London like his healthy like a stallion mentor, his vivid use of Tiktok should be a good reason why we must make him President. Have you seen those videos, the way he steps onto the scene with “chilling with the big boys” tune in the background? It induces chills, exemplifying the aura of the coolest Presidential material ever.

Most importantly, Christians should come together for this – are they not tired of paying tithes in Church and paying tax to the Government? With Pastor Osibanjo as President, there will be no need to pay both tithe and tax every month, as one will cover for all. This is what you get for voting a Man of God as President. A picture of Prof. Osibanjo on his knees, talking to his Maker, reminded me of the fictional Prince of Wessex who rushed to kneel and to say a prayer, in the heat of a Viking ambush on his camp. In the middle of his prayers, he got a quick answer, a swift linkup with his Maker, provided with a sharp dagger of the Lothbrok-boys. Prof. Osibanjo doesn’t come off to me like the kind of man who is more religious than reasonable, but if he turns out to be the type that prays and leaves everything to God to handle without the mix of faith and work, I think he’s even more perfect for the job because we need a man who knows beyond healthy faith and reason that what God can not do does not exist.

Imagine the Church and the Government in Nigeria, becoming one. That is Christ’s millennial reign on Earth commencing a bit earlier than planned. Who doesn’t want a Nigeria built on the whims of utopia? Well, this is what we get if we make Osibanjo President.

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