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Why rapists aren’t so bad

Why rapists aren’t so bad

By: Ayodimeji Ameenat

A lot has been going on lately on social media; everywhere has been tense. A girl was raped in a church and almost everyone got angry and started making absurd comments. Anger is a very valid emotion to feel, but the thing about anger is it removes one’s ability to think and make valid decisions. There is another perspective to this rape thing people aren’t looking at. Everyone is chanting, “It is never the victim’s fault”, “Blame the rapist”, “Rape is a hideous crime”. The thing about all this is that, no one is trying to think from the rapist’s perspective.

It isn’t about what she wore? Haha, it is exactly about what she wore. Women fail to realise that men share a genetic trait with animals that makes them act on compulsion, so when you walk around in a dress and they are able to sense that in the dress, there’s a boob and a vagina, their brains make them act without control. If girls don’t want to be raped, they should try to keep the ownership of these parts a secret. I don’t  know how you’ll do this; I’m a man and my knowledge of this “girl stuff” is limited. So ask your moms how they did it; they have more experience. Rape wasn’t a problem in their time.

Consent can be withdrawn during sex? This isn’t even about not being able to stop a moving train. Have ladies no compassion? How do you get a man so all up in his mood, then when you’ve gotten your share of pleasure, you don’t give him his? Why act so selfish? There is never a reason to withdraw consent.

Okay, maybe this is also about not being able to stop a moving train, because women are able to jump out a train easily, they see it as a sport. Maybe she wasn’t in the train in the first place, maybe she was in front; anyways, she deserved to be hit. She put herself  in that place. Maybe her parent didn’t tell her to stay away from men and trains. She need not stay away from all men though, only the bad ones, and not all trains, only the faulty ones. If she had stayed at home she would have been safe.

Now I know feminists are going to come at me here and go, “Ladies get raped at home.” Yes, they do and it’s because they forget that, even at home, they should not let down their guard. They become too comfortable at home, wearing anything they want, hugging and talking with their siblings  anyhow. When the boys  decide to hug them back, they throw a tantrum. Do you think families don’t find it hard to rape other family members? It’s the compulsion thing, ladies should help their men keep their dignity. Avoid  them. You’d be doing both of you a favour.

“The fact that you’ve had sex with her a lot of times doesn’t mean she wants it this time.”

Can you hear yourself? You can’t get tired of a good thing. Sex is a good thing. And like men, ladies are always down for sex, they just like to pretend. What other reason would my sex partner visit me if not sex? I don’t need to ask her questions I already have answers to.

Silent isn’t consent. A minute silence for the true rape victims — the ones who died. Now do you know how silence feels? It feels like nothingness, it’s  bland. It’s our job as men to add sugar to the bland lives of our women. Asking for consent is awkward; what if she says no? If she didn’t want it, she would say no  even without me asking. Forget the knife in my hand.  Forget her body language. Some things should be about men too.

And why are women making a fuss? Men get raped too. Men get raped by men. Men get raped by women but when men get raped, you don’t see them whining about it. Men get raped, women get raped. Equation perfectly balanced.

Now you might want to say babies get raped, yes, but the world is evolving. Babies are now able to communicate consent without talking and rapists are able to somehow understand, although feminists (and scientists) won’t agree. They hate to believe there are smart veins in the penis that communicate to the brain the consent in the silence and cries of a baby.

This is not to say rape shouldn’t be a crime; it is a grievous one. This is just to say, instead of the hashtag blame the rapist, it should be share the blame because rapists deserve to be heard first.

Caveat: I’m not a rapist and I would never rape anyone. I have sisters  at home and I make sure they never tempt or push a man to rape them. However, shout out to the good men that rape, they give women what they want based only on their commendable and reliable intuition.

Ayodimeji Ameenat is a law student with interest in creative writing and journalism.

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3 years ago

“I’m curious, is this supposed to be some sort of “devils advocate” piece of writing or is this really what you think of the situation ? I hope it’s not the latter, I tell you this as a guy who knows one too many women that have had to deal with having their innocence taken from them forcefully. This post is just wrong. As much as it tries to humanize the rapist which is what I think you’re going for, you completely dehumanizing the victim making excuses to justify the rapist in their actions However if this is meant to… Read more »

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